Young and fresh: How not to look your age in your advancing years


There are few things that are certain in life, but one that is most certainly true is the fact that we are all going to grow older.

The thing is, some of us do it just a little better than others. Some of us might get to our 40s, but still look as though we are in our late 20s. Of course, plastic surgery procedures like a faceliftcan sometimes come into the picture, but if we forget them temporarily there are a whole host of things that make a difference.

Sure, genetics can play a part in this process, but so can a whole host of lifestyle choices. The purpose of today’s article is to mull over some of the best tips you can implement in a bid to look your age or even better, look younger than it.


You are always at risk from the sun

You might not live in a hugely exotic country – but that doesn’t mean that you are exempt from sun damage. Even on a cloudy day, the sun’s rays can find its way to their skin and the rest as they say, is history.

Sure, some of you might try and take advantage of this by attempting to top up your tan. However, at least when it comes to the long-term, this is asking for trouble and is just going to result in a lot more wrinkles.

You are how you sleep

It sounds ridiculous, but something that has come to light over recent times is that your sleeping position can make a monumental difference to the way in which you age.

For those of you who sleep on your side, this is something that screams out to dermatologists. This is because the position can make small indents on your face and over time, these are going to form wrinkles.

The solution? As crazy as it seems, try and sleep on your back.

Avoid stress like the plague

Sounds easier said than done, right? The thing is, stressful situations can really become your downfall. This isn’t related to all of the chemicals released when you do experience a bout of stress (although this can make a difference).

Instead, it’s more about the expressions you are making. In short, every time you frown, you are carving the way for a wrinkle to be created. Over time these expressions become permanent and as we have already phrased, the rest is history.

Fat can help you (within reason)

Yes, we are all tasked with losing weight nowadays, but believe it or not some fat can help your plight when it comes to staving off the years.

It has been found that people who have too little fat are going to look much gaunter in their advancing years. Suffice to say, this gauntness is going to give the impression that you are much older than you really are. As such, try and be shrewd with your exercise. By all means stay active, but be aware that there is a balance to be had.

Image Credits: advancing years from UfaBizPhoto /Shutterstock


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