Pregnancy: The positive side effects

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First and foremost, let’s not make any rash suggestions here. Whilst pregnancy is something of a rollercoaster journey, the end result is completely worthwhile for all of us.

Of course, as we go through such a journey, it can sometimes feel like a nightmare. The side effects can be crushing to say the least, with morning sickness and sagging breasts being two of the most common (although breast augmentation and other similar surgeries have come to the rescue somewhat).

It can be quite easy to forget that there are some positive physiological side effects that we can all experience through this phase though. Through today’s post, we will now mull over some of these positive effects in more detail.

You’ll have better sex

We told you there would be some positive side effects, didn’t we? Well, this isn’t some sort of myth, during pregnancy you’ll find that there is a lot more blood flowing down to your pelvic area. If we were to pinpoint a specific timeframe, things really start to heat up in your second trimester.

What does this increase in blood flow do? It can make you more sensitive downstairs. Ultimately, a lot of women find it easy than ever before to orgasm.

You have thicker hair

As we said earlier, the benefits keep flowing! This next one is related to the increase in oestrogen that your body is producing during the pregnancy period. The upshot of this is that you won’t lose as much hair, and ultimately it will feel thicker.

Unfortunately, this is a short-lived benefit but unsurprisingly, it’s one that is embraced by women around the world!

A random one: There’s less chance of developing multiple sclerosis

This next benefit might seem to be somewhat random, but to highlight how advantageous pregnancy can be to different areas of your body we are going to present it anyway.

Several studies have found that after having a baby, women tend to slash the chances of developing multiple sclerosis. How much? The current figure is 50%, but something which makes this even more interesting is that each subsequent pregnancy improves this figure some more. For example, women who given birth five times were found to have 94% less chance of suffering from the condition.

Unfortunately, nobody quite knows the ins and outs but following these studies, this has to be classed as a huge benefit.

The pregnancy glow

Finally, let’s talk about ‘the glow’. This is one of those benefits that has become so talked about that some people feel it’s almost become a myth. Well, it hasn’t.

There’s a reason pregnant women develop a warm, healthy glow of their skin and it mainly relates to hormones. A flurry of these are released that boost the condition of your skin while to help matters further, more blood tends to flow to your vessels. This is something else that exaggerates the effect further and means that pregnancy glow is completely a real thing and something that you should bask in.


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