How to Focus on the Ultimate Benefits of Laughter for You

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  1. Mood Changes for a healthy Output

The mood of a person can get changed while laughing heartily, is pretty well known to all. It is because of the secretion of the hormones called Endorphin. These hormones promote the feelings of wellness, euphoria, and even or result in reducing pain for some time. As the mood gets changed, one feels right. If at any time, one feels good and right, one will do everything well, whether it is in personal, business or social life.

2. Reduces stress and Strengthens the Immune system

Laughter acts as a booster on the human immune system, that means immune cells increase and simultaneously reduce the stress hormones such as cortisol thus pushing up the immune cells and antibodies to fight back, and that results in improving the resistance to disease. One does fall sick easily & in case of health problem, but recovers much faster as laughter is a great exercise that makes one well as the immune system fights back to repel the disease.

 3. Extra Fresh air in Laughter Yoga invigorates the brain & metabolism functions 

Laughter Yoga is a form of Yoga in which breathing is an essential part. One becomes more efficient, gains strength and much better motivation to do whatever one undertakes. The yoga gurus tell that the breathing outside should be twice the air taken in as there is residual breath within the lungs at any time.

Laughter yoga immediately reduces stress in your total being and strengthen your immune system. The laughter slowly diminishes physical tension and anxiety, and the muscles get relaxed for up to 40 minutes after practising in a laughter session.

In daily practice, it is noticeable that the two ways make us laugh.

1: Happiness and peace from within 2. Happiness and peace from outside. Of these, inner peace laughter is better. If an order is from within, then out has to be peaceful, and laughter can achieve this quickly.

4. Laughter yoga connects people more readily:

It is a physical desire to remain happy and keep away from complaining and unhappy people. Children beckon others to be jolly and jovial. Watch the children aged around 4-5 years laughing for no reason they laugh while going about their business; they laugh because it is natural. They laugh 200 to 300 times a day and do not require jokes to laugh. One does not have to work hard to make them laugh. In them, the button of laughter is the childishness. Their world is full of innocence. We can also do the same. Just like that, one has to wake up the child sitting inside. Behave like a child at least once a day. Have fun like him. One acquires qualities of caring and sharing soon. One is welcome and looked forward to by nearly all.

There is no button physically to activate the laughter, although the laughter control is in the brain. Our mind rips all kinds of emotions because it decides rationally, the pros and cons of each happening. One cannot laugh just by thinking and thinking alone.

5. Laughter Yoga is Versatile:

In a laughter session or class, they ensure to laugh for half an hour daily. They ask to do whatever else in the remaining 23 and a half hours but become only a child for half an hour. Then see how one laughs openly. The child inside one is the laughing button.

Humour yoga helps you stay positive. Do this regularly and share a good photo-video of your laughter, then you will see that other people will also share happiness and laugh with you. It is always better to say that if there is the darkness of negativity, light the area with a lamp of laughter.

It gets established that the human body can not differentiate between genuine and fake laughter. One can get the same physiological and biochemical changes as one gets from real laughter, so laugh as possible.

It was proved that laughter improves health even if it is fake, it got verified by Lee Burke of Lome Linder university in the USA. It got ascertained that stress hormones get decreased and improve the immunity system and raise the Endorphin.

Not only in Social clubs, but the corporate world has also vigorously followed by schools, colleges & universities the world over. There is no end to the list, and one can add the existence of clubs in schools of Blind, Mute, and Dumb, jails and other institute establishments of prisons & police

Practically we know that blood circulation gets boosted if one laughs heartily but loudly. That, in turn, protects one from getting a heart attack and any cardiovascular disease like blood pressure (BP) is lower than the average person. Initially, the BP goes up on commencing the laughter but gradually lowers below the normal. If one laughs regularly laugh for 10 to 15 minutes is said to burn 40 calories, and it adds up to loose 3/4 pounds in a year.

 Laughter club: got found by laughter guru Dr Madan Kataria in Mumbai in 1995, India. As it got popular, gradually 16000 clubs sprang up in over 72 countries.


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