Benefits of Visiting a Pediatric Dentist in Roanoke VA

Pediatric Dentist

Your family’s health is probably one of the most important things for you. Especially when it comes to your children. You schedule checkups with the doctor, whether a general one or a pediatrician. When problems arise, you know exactly where to go.

Dental health should get the same kind of attention.

And with it, you get the same kind of choice. You can visit a general dentist or the one that’s specifically skilled in taking care of children. While both can handle any dental issue, a pediatric dentist may be more skilled to work with your kids. Click here to read why starting with dental care early is so important.

What Is A Pediatric Dentist?

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Injection of anesthesia, boy in dental chair, pediatric dentistry, children stomatology. Female dentist makes a shot

A pediatric dentist is a dentist who has been trained to work with kids. They offer the same kind of services a general dentist for adults does, but they are specifically dedicated to helping your kids with their teeth and oral health.

The services that they provide include cleaning, fillings, checkups and many more.

Their education starts with a Bachelor’s degree according to the requirements of the school they want to go to next, where they will study to become a Doctor of Dental Medicine or Surgery. It takes around four years of studying. They become skilled in taking care of many oral issues, including prevention and detection, as well as treatment.

Their training is quite identical to the type of training a general dentist would receive, as says. They also have to do at least two years of residency before they can get licensed.

Both adults and kids fear the dentist. This is very common. The fact that someone’s going to do something on your teeth is already scary.

However, a pediatric dentist can help your kid form a good relationship with their dental health and reduce that fear.

Benefits of Visiting a Pediatric Dentist

You may be wondering what makes the pediatric dentist so different than the general one. After all, don’t they just do the same things a general dentist does, but on kids?

Well, the answer is twofold.

They actually perform the same tasks any dentist would. However, they have been educated in dealing with kids, their fear of dentists and their specific needs. For example, they would know how to calm your child down, how to perform their job without inflicting too much pain and administering allowed dosages of anesthetics to them.

They will likely be friendly, their offices would be colorful and welcoming and so on.

So, in essence, they would provide a much better experience for your children.

If you’re still wondering what the benefits of child dentists are, here are some of them:

Good Environment

Adult dental offices look scary even to grownups. They are very medical – as they are supposed to be – and sterile. However, grownups know why dental care is important and they can handle their own fears. Children are not like this. They respond to stressful environments with tantrums or crying – something like the way we feel inside before going to the dentist.

On the other hand, a pediatric dental office would look fun and engage children. The walls will be cheerful and bright, there will be toys, music, possibly even cartoons that they can watch while the dentist does their job.

You must admit that even you would rather go to a place like this than your regular dentist.

Trained Staff

Having a good assistant or staff is very important. They should have this inviting aura so that kids will not be shy or scared. They should know how to deal with kids and their tantrums since children are not emotionally equipped. Encouraging their patients and having a friendly conversation is very nice for it helps the child to be at ease. Doing this will also make them feel relaxed and lessen the fear.

If they sense that the staff or the dentist are rude to them or unwelcoming, they will refuse to get their teeth checked. This is where the fear stems from.

A pediatric dentist will likely be friendly, kind and welcoming. So will the staff. They are specifically trained to deal with children with fear. They will likely try to chat with your kid, offer them some toys or activities to do while they wait. They will present the events that are to come in a bright, easy way.

The staff will also stay calm even if your kid becomes hysteric and they might use soothing methods to reduce their distress. Pediatric dentists are also trained in soothing kids with autism or ADHD.

Primary Teeth Health

Primary teeth require as much care as adult teeth. Eventually, they will fall out and new teeth will replace them. Those are the ones that need proper care, right?

Well, the answer is that primary teeth don’t always fall out. Some people retain their baby teeth until old age.

A pediatric dentist is trained in handling any primary teeth issues. Their composition is not the same as the composition of adult teeth, so a general adult dentist may not be able to deal with problems as well as a children’s dentist would.

Fun Experience

Not only are they trained in dealing with primary teeth, but they also know how to make dental health fun.

Some don’t really find brushing that fun – especially kids. However, with the right dentist and your assistance too as a parent, your child could start to like their morning and evening dental health routine.

You should find a dentist that your child can look up to. They always know how to minimize the pain and fear of their patients during regular checkups and even a procedure needs to be done.


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