How a good catering service can make any special meal a celebration?

good catering service

Whether you have a small birthday party or a big wedding event, catering is the most important service to make your event a success. By hiring a trustable catering company, you can ensure that the event that you have organized go flawless. Jaipur as it is a city of traditions and culture experiences a lot […]

Add These Top Foods to Your Diet for More Antioxidants


“Antioxidant” is one of those words that get tossed around a lot when people talk about healthy eating. We know we’re supposed to get more antioxidants, but we’re not sure what they do or how to add more to our diet. Antioxidants remove waste products from our cells, which can help delay cell damage.

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are pesky little buggers that have a short life span of 8 to 10 days but reproduce very quickly. Every summer they sneak into your kitchen and attack fruits and vegetables. They are attracted to fermented and ripened fruit or vegetable and lay their eggs on its surface.  In no time they plague […]

Here is All That You Need to Know About Junk Foods

Junk food is a sort of negative term for poor eatables containing high levels of calories from sugar or oil with little roughages, protein, vitamins, or minerals. Use of the phrase implies that a distinct food has little “nutritional benefit” and contains extreme fat, sugar, and calories.

Time Magazine Has The Best In The Web Variety

By eating the following Fruits & vegetables the weight changes: One study got published in PLOS medical journal. They have recorded the fruit and vegetable regularly issued to members. The details of how much weight could be reduced by having the portions regularly. 33000 people participated, and the study took four years to complete. Participants were […]

6 Types of Food For Diabetic Diet

1. Coarse Grain Bread made of flour of coarse grain with the husk and brown rice with the husk, has full fiber and vitamin and potassium that help in making insulin in the pancreas to decide the amount of insulin to make. Photo credit: Wikipedia 2. Fruits On eating the fruit with peel after proper […]

Largest Cake Sculpture’s World Record in London.


Actress Amanda Holden, name is associated with the largest cake sculpture in Britain’s show of talent. She unveiled the massive cake in West Field Shopping Center, Sheperd Bush, London. The cake was not only grand to look at but had a splendid taste as well. This cake had been the joint efforts of a team of […]

1) Pushup Girl 2) First Ice Cream Cone

Pushup Girl: In the US a North Carolina girl Kaylyn Mintz, 10 has beaten the soldiers in push ups in a friendly appearance program “Active Heros.”with the soldiers. Her video has gone viral showing the competition with soldiers. Kaylyn is a reserve in the Junior Reserve Training Corps. She got honored for participating and winning. […]