Workout Clothing for Spring

Workout Clothing for Spring (4)

Gym is the place to give your body a fit and fine shape. The workout you do at the gym is completely a hard work done by your body and nothing to do with the clothing and all other apparels. But lighter colored clothing could refresh you to the most achievable level.

Bô Zen Bar in Portugal: Pure Sophistication

Bô Zen Bar in Portugal: Pure Sophistication (12)

In Braga, Portugal a Bar named as Bô Zen, has been constructed just in 465 sq. meter bye Central Arquitectos. The best part of this construction is that the new structure has been synchronized with the preexisting old structure. The structure was initially having characteristics of a living room.

Printed Sneakers: A New Trend

Printed Sneakers: A New Trend (9)

Its spring and what we all know about this season is, the time to wear sneakers! The word sneakers are cool enough on its own but what could be much cooler than a sneaker? A Printed sneaker! Printed sneakers is a latest obsession in the market.

A New 4 Star Hotel in Amsterdam

A New 4 Star Hotel in Amsterdam (5)

Sustainable and unique interiors is the key of the new 4-star hotel named as, Fetcher! The hotel Fletcher is situated in Amsterdam and the designer firm is KOLENIK eco chic design. The hotel was inaugurated for public on the 11th day of January 2013. The style with which this hotel is designed is known for […]

Food In A Predigested Form: Sprouts


The food we eat has usually two major parts 1st)  carbohydrates 2nd) Proteins. Healthy body can digest the food with right amount of secretion and correct quantities of digestive juices. But wherever this balance of digestion is disturbed in a body outside help is required in the form of 1st) Medicinal enzymes 2nd) predigested form of food packaged in a suitable […]