In Happy Marriage, Don’t Try to Change Ways of the Spouse

Happy Marriage

Everybody has a dream and idea of the type of life partner one wants. The search on the basis of such a partner is there in the mind. Every woman wants that her man changes slowly the way she had desired. The man, on the other hand, wants to mould the wife as per his dreams.


Both of them get down to change the other as per the carbon copy of the image they want. This attitude is the genesis of the conflict, because both have the imperfection in their characters. Both have faults of their own. Both should accept their responsibilities only then the perfect shall appear.
Wishing to change the other is the basis of discord between the two and can lead to break in a relationship. To bring complete harmony in their relationship the couple can work on the basis of gestures and signs.

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The wise men had said and believed that God cannot be reached directly but through signs. When a Guru tells the disciples to go and find God, the disciple must go in the direction of signs.
Similarly, it is important in conjugal life to recognize the signs and gestures for communication without words.. If the Husband and Wife understand each other then, it is not necessary to speak, and the gestures and signs should be a way to communicate. Usually, the Husband and Wife waste much of energy and time in arguing on useless, unnecessary matter.

After the marriage one should accept the other as the other happens to be. And a change in the other may be worked through signs and gestures and less by dialogue. This way love between the two, the natural affinity and the feeling for living for each other will increase and usher in happiness.



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