See How to Cure Glaucoma Perfectly by Ayurveda

Eyes have a prominent place in our body. It is only because of eyes that we can see this magnificent creation of God. Eyes diseases develop due to smoke, dust, pollution and different types of germs. Therefore, we need to be careful with the health of eyes always. In situations, it is our primary duty to be cautious towards our eyes always.

What will happen to a person if he becomes blind suddenly? That person will have to live in darkness throughout. With advancing age, the eyes undergo changes, and any problem should get attended immediately.

Here, we will discuss cataract, glaucoma and night blindness of the various problems of eyes.

Cataract and Glaucoma.

A cataract is an eye disease of the elderly people. It affects the vision so that one can not focus at the desired position. In today’s scenario, a cataract may lead to blindness. The other causes include age-related molecular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, trachoma, eye injury or vitamin-A deficiency. Today nearly 50% people in the developing countries get blind due to cataract.

In 1999 World Health Organization(WHO) had first analyzed the problem related to vision, blindness, and eye diseases. The statistics show that about 20% of the population in the world are suffering from vision related problems and 50 million people are blind. In all probability, this number will increase by 2020. A cataract can be operated but can get prevented if proper care gets taken in the initial stages itself. Glaucoma is preventable with regular eye tests.

Diabetes hurts the eyes and vision. The diabetes patients should keep control over the sugar level and protect the eyes. Proper sleep is the key to good eye health. Every person should get an appropriate amount of sleep to give rest to the optic nerve.For short or long sightedness, an eye specialist should be consulted


Sarvang asana should get performed under a properly qualified Yoga teacher for the blood circulation in the eyes and its parts.


Balanced Diet and nutritious food keep the eyes and body healthy. Food items abundant in vitaminsA should be consumed. Papaya, carrot, tomato are good sources of vitamin A. Fruits and vegetables should be included in the daily diet. Dry fruit, seasonal fruits should be consumed to get sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. Whole grain should also get listed in the daily diet.


1. Get in touch with and an eye specialist in case of any injury like fire spark, ingress of foreign material or something gets into the eyes.
2. If any chemical injury takes place, do not touch the eye without washing the hand or force open the eyelid.
3. Brush the teeth in the morning and fill up the mouth with the water so that the cheeks feel the pressure of the water. Work it like a pump. Splash water in the eyes and repeat it several times. Rinse the water in the mouth. The procedure cleans the eyes and also improves blood circulation to the eyes.
4. If you are in some work that exerts pressure on the eyes, then wash the eyes at regular intervals with the clean water several times. Rotate the eyeballs in the clock & anticlockwise directions several times. Close the eyes and palm them with repeatedly brushing the palms.

The Ayurvedic treatment of the Cataract and the Glaucoma.

1. Add together 200 gms of Amal Rsayan, 20 Gms of Saptamrita, 20 Gms of Loh, ten gms Mukta Shukati. Mix them well and have a spoonful before breakfast and dinner with fresh water and Honey.

2. Take spoonful Maha Triphala with milk twice a day.

3. Pour a drop in each eye twice daily.

4. Mix 10 ml od each of white onion juice, lemon juice, and ginger juice and 50 ml of honey. Pour 2 drops each in the eyes to cure cataract. The pressure on the eye will be reduced, and glaucoma gets relieved.

5. Crush a potato on a stone and get the juice. Apply this juice on the pupil to get over the blurred vision and also reduce the cataract. Continue the process until the vision is clear. There is a constant fear of accident and get injured.

Night Blindness.

Deficiency of Vitamin A causes the night blindness, and one cannot see when the daylight is over. This is called   NYETELOPIA. The night blindness has more than one reason.


The chief one being the malnutrition. The other reasons are inborn retina defect, chronic simple glaucoma, long sightedness, degeneration in myopia, external retinitis, the imbalance in retina pigment, shifting of the retina, jaundice, stomach worms, swelling in the liver, hysteria and other problems.


A. Do not ever look at the sun during the day after 2 minutes after the sunrise ( the sun rays will dazzle you or leave an uneasy sensation), or see towards welding spark. Always protect your eyes from any injury. Put on eye protecting goggles.

B. The diabetics can get influenced by eye problems.  They must take care of their diet precautions.


Consume tomatoes, mango, cabbage and honey. These items have elements that can improve the eyesight. Those articles also benefit in the case of night blindness. Leafy vegetables, spinach, brussel sprout cauliflower, carrot, apple, orange, milk, curd, butter should also be consumed. Fruit juices are also beneficial.

– Mix 10 ml of each white onion juice and honey. Put two drops in each eye to overcoming the night blindness.

– Pour 5 to 10 mg of basil leaves juice in the eyes to cure the problem.

Home Remedies for Eye and other diseases:

– Apply cream of cow milk on the eyelids at night before sleep to overcome burning sensation.

– Drink the buttermilk to improve the night vision.

– Mix potash alum in rose water and pour to relieve pain in the eyes.

– Mix a little bit of camphor and Kajal and apply in the eyes.

– Apply Kajal made from rapeseed oil in the eyes to overcome redness in the eyes.

– Pour one or two drops of breast milk in eyes of children in case of pain in the eyes.

Food items to improve eyesight

Please note that beneficial fruits are apple, orange, grapes, banana, wood apple, musk melon, papaya, mango, and guava. All these items have elements that improve eyesight. Vegetables like cholai, turnip, spinach, fenugreek, brinjal, tomato, carrot, bitter guard cabbage and potatoes are beneficial. Dry fruits walnut, cardamom, dates, dry dates are very useful. Mix lime and sweet lime juice in sugarcane juice. Eat light, nutritious and easily digestible foods to protect all types of the eyes problems. Avoid consumption of watermelon, alcohol, spicy and fried food. Smoking is profoundly harmful to the eye vision.

Remaining awake till late hours at night, exposure to bright sunlight or cold weather is detrimental to eyes. Anger, sorrow and over indulgence in sex should also be avoided.

Eyes are the priceless gift of the of nature. Protection of eyes is extremely to lead a long and healthy life. Therefore, care should be taken to protect the eyes from different types of problems. One can see and enjoy the world only with good eyesight.



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  1. Thanks if one is scared of applying mix onion juice,ginger juice,lemon juice and honey into the eyes can I blend it and drink ,does it work too

    1. You need not be scared as it is a widely used Ayurvedic formula. The eyes will have a burning sensation for a few minutes and then subside altogether. The benefit is slow to come after a month or so. The tests have been carried out for eyes and not drinking. You might try that as well and tell us if successful.
      The drops under the name of ‘Drishti are marketed by Yogrishi Ramdev’s Patanjali in India and available worldwide in their clinics.

      Get info on the link –

      1. I am so grateful for these juices that have lowered my IOP. My question will long term use, (I will be using it everyday the rest of my life) cloud the cornea? Of have other side effects? TY. TY so much for this blog/post.

  2. I have read in many articles on the net about the benefits of onion juice. It is said to be beneficial but I was shocked to see that there it was written that onion juice has steroidal properties!!!!!!! And we all know that steroids are the biggest enemy of glaucoma patients!!!!!!!

  3. I don’t think people really know the severity of glaucoma.
    There are many sites that claim that ayurveda can claim glaucoma.
    After the nerves/neurons on that path are dead, how can that be made alive again?
    I am a believer in ayurveda and all Indian shastras.
    But it’s unfortunate people make claims of glaucoma being curable.
    Stop doing this.

  4. How many times daily to apply the extracted juice of white onion ,ginger ,lemon and honey into the eyes. I send message through contact me on the site with my email but no response yet. Thank you.

  5. This is a a great revolution on eye health.Thanks for sharing this. This is some great information, and I appreciate your points.

  6. Please reply to this concern. Thank you.

    “I am so grateful for these juices that have lowered my IOP. My question will long term use, (I will be using it everyday the rest of my life) cloud the cornea? Of have other side effects? TY. TY so much for this blog/post.”

  7. Please reply to this concern. Thank you.

    “I am so grateful for these juices that have lowered my IOP. My question will long term use, (I will be using it everyday the rest of my life) cloud the cornea? Of have other side effects? TY. TY so much for this blog/post.”

    I didn’t see the check box to receive notification of is below “post comment”

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