How To Turn Around Your Bathspace With Hindware

Innovation in technology is something that we hear and read about everyday. However, when the technological innovation happens in the most overlooked space of your house, your bathroom, you are taken aback.

It is intriguing to know what could possibly be innovated for that space. Hence, when we heard about Hindware, the best sanitaryware company of India, won the Good Homes Award 2015 for innovation in category, we jumped to know what is that technology that they have introduced.

As we read, we wanted to delve deeper and deeper into the technology and innovation that had been styled in a consumer-friendly way with a clear touch of luxury and beauty.

You can imagine how painful and time-confusing it is to clean a water closet with its rim and lid and separate flush system. Not to mention the feeling of dissatisfaction even after an hour of brushing it, because you don’t want it remain unhygienic. Understanding this difficulty, Hindware brought up a series of rimless WCs that have integrated flush system. Not only is it easier to clean (you just have to scrub it lightly), but also comes with a swirling motion flush system that cleans the whole pot in one go and saves almost 6000 litres of water every year! Now, isn’t that something God sent?!

They have named this the rimless category, which also has a more technologically advanced segment, automate, where you can make your WC works as per your whim with just one click.

Next thing that you cannot stop admiring is their fascinating range of faucets, or taps as we call them. Nobody could ever imagine tech in a faucet, but the truth is that Hindware has managed to make the daily faucets full of not just water, but advanced technology too! They call it the 3C technology, which stands for casting, cartridge, and coating. They may sound heavy duty words, which they are. The faucets are built with brass alloy casting which gives us strength and endurance, while casting ensure that they don’t drip or leak. Coating done by electroplating (Chromium) ensures that your faucets never get stained or lose their shine with time. So your bathroom remains shining and functional.

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The anti-splash sieve that aerates the water and streamlines its flow is like a cherry on top..

And finally, they have the rain spa technology with mood lighting in seven colours. Feeling blue? Try the blue one. Happy about your interview? Turn on the yellow lights and sing your heart out! The point is that no matter how you feel, the rain spa shower is sure to leave you refreshed, energized and ready for life. And did we mention that it also makes your bathroom look like that of a celebrity?

Just when you started feeling that focus of the company was on making you feel comfortable and happy, let us tell you that they have a full range of vibrant sanitaryware products for your tiny tots. Getting them to pee and poo is not a hassle anymore. The kid-friendly range, Poncho, not only lets you design your kid’s bathroom in themes, but also encourages your kids to be more self-sufficient. Kids adore poncho!
So if renovation is on your mind or just crossed your mind, you know what you need to do and where to head to. Make a selection and turn your intimate space into a space for personal celebration!


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