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After the meal Challenge to eat seven-pound burger

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YouTube number one sports channel “The Dude Perfect Show.’ had a challenge for the team members to have the 7-pound burger. The biggest problem was not to have a burger but to have after a hefty meal. Two members of the team first eat their lunch at the center. Then they proceed to the restaurant where they have to eat the seven pounder burger. Two of the team members offer to eat the burger. After the challenge acceptance, the first member opts out soon. Whereas, the second one continues. See the link and enjoy the show.


It is necessary to listen to the Youth of the Country:  Screen shot 2016-07-04 at 8.41.26 AM

Canadian Natalie Panek is on holidays and celebrating her vacation in Alberta’s glaciers – called the Jasper National Park. She has a lot of mountaineering gear with her that she believes that it is necessary for the adventure in the glaciers. The calling of the mountain beckons her, and she is drawn there physically. Natalie is a Rocket Scientist. Space Roboticist. Pilot. Explorer. Galactic Dragon Slayer Natalie has a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering and nowadays working on the assignment of Mars Rover Program. Before this, she has worked in making the solar car and has traveled around in the North America and wishes to venture into the outer space.

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Natalie spent her time with the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Fresh memories she says to shape a country’s future there should be someone to listen to the youth. She got associated with the #education program, and the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau himself has introduced her to the Canadian people.

A private meet got arranged for meeting the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the COO Marne Levine of Instagram on June 1, 2016, at Parliament Hill. That remains as a fresh memory. It was meeting to cherish on learning the views of the Prime Minister in particular for women and the youth in general. He encouraged the idea for women to come forward for the STEM Science, Technology, Engineering and the Maths.

The call prompts young people to embrace the call, improving science knowledge and education over our country and funding in Canadian space technologies.

We initially met with Marne Levine and the amazing Instagram team, getting insight into just how relevant social media is for organizing discussions on significant issues and storytelling. The idea that you can’t be what you can’t see is SO particularly true for women in STEM. Sometimes it’s a simple image or a story from a woman succeeding in a non-traditional role that can spark interest in young girls to realize opportunities that they never knew existed. Social media is an especially great connector in that way.

It was an exaltation to be in such great company and to see Mr.Trudeau’s genuine and complete attention in young people across the nation. I am curious to see how our ideas and recommendations unfold and would be thrilled to participate in future conversations. The roundtable discussion with the Prime Minister, Marne Levine, and the Instagram team left me feeling even more engaged to continue my advocacy efforts and to inspire young people to dream big!

The scientist is so famous that the post received 482000 likes and 2000 comments just in an hour of uploading.
Plenty of Reasons for John Lasseter’s comparison to Walt Disney.

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John Alan Lasseter had commenced his career as the Walt Disney Feature Animation. As the computer came on the horizon in 1983 Disney had to let him go. In 2006 Disney purchased Pixar studio. With this deal, he paid a bonus of $ 3.7 million and a salary of $ 1.7 million to Lasseter to rejoin Disney. Lasseter got all of Disney’s animation projects. With two Oscars to his, credit Lasseter is the current  Principal Creative Advisor of Walt Disney’s Imagineering. After leaving Disney Lasseter worked with Lucas Films and in 1986, he made in Pixar animation studio  

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