30 Awesome Proven Tips for Your Health, Kitchen and Home

Health, Kitchen

Natural Health Tips:

  1. Add two/three spoons of honey in water and have it just before sleep. It will gradually reduce your weight. Use only 2/3 months only. Helps purify the liver – Liver is the principal gland which aids in cleaning of the body. This mixture helps keep the liver pure and toxin free. The liver is chiefly efficient for producing protein and upkeeping digestion process, so it is necessary that the liver is kept pure and working well also.Honey, cleanse toxin commonly found in liver, colon, and the digestive tract. If you take 2/3 spoon of honey in milk, it will progressively increase your weight.
  2. Adding Onion juice and honey in equal quantity will cure a cough.
  3. Massage with Copra oil in any weather is good for the body.
  4. Have sweetened milk with 1/2 spoons of ASHWAGANDHA POWDER (CHURANA). It is a boon for the health.
  5. If tired, have 2/3 drops of honey in a glass of water, it will freshen you.
  6. Drink Arjun Chall tea to strengthen your heart.
  7. Your heart gets the benefit if you take three gms of tea made from Arjun Chall.
  8. Don’t take curd or sour items at night.
  9. Apply warmed up turmeric powder along with onions’ paste to soothe sprain and reduce the pain of internal parts. The muscular pain, when starting for the first time,  use a few cubes of ice wrapped in cloth at the place of suffering.

Kitchen Tips.

  1. Put the stalk of green chilly into the milk before making the curd. It will germinate and make an excellent quality yogurt
  2. If the salt is too much in the vegetable, add small chunks of kneaded dough to give you the vegetable with reduced salt.
  3. Cut the onion and stick the cut portion to any bright bulb or tube light to keep away the mosquitoes. Put a peacock feather anywhere in the home to free it of all the wall lizards.
  4. Put a sliced lemon in the fridge to drive away any odor or scent.
  5. While boiling the rice put two drops of lemon juice. The rice grains get free of stickiness and remain separated.
  6. Put 3 to 4 pieces of cloves to ensure that no Chinese ants, emmets or pismires will encroach the sugar pot.
  7. During rainy season or much humidity put 3-4 rice grains to reduce the vapor content.
  8. To lower the bitterness of the fresh fenugreek add a bit of salt and keep it away for some time before serving.
  9. Mix some milk in the water while kneading the dough.It will make tastier bread and pancakes.


  1. If the shoes do not get cleaned, use petrol to clean they will shine.
  2. Soiled clothes can be washed well by using water of the boiled potatoes.
  3. After making the filtered coffee, use the strained coffee to shine the bathroom floor.
  4. On getting a burn, no blister will get formed if you rub the peel of the banana at the spot of injury.
  5. White spirit removes the marks of stickers and labels on clothes and utensils.
  6. To stop ants to appear, sprinkle the mixture of turmeric powder and boric powder at the source.
  7. Stop the mosquitoes bothering you by burning coffee powder, fill the room with the smoke of the roasted coffee.
  8. To wash silk clothes use shampoo instead of detergent for good results.
  9. To get a healthy shine in hair apply vinegar mixed with water to give a good shine. After some time wash the hair.
  10. While washing clothes use salt, the clothes will get cleaned and get shine.
  11. To stop blood oozing out of a hurt and when the doctor is far off, use loose tea leaves and put on the wound and press carefully. The tannin in the tea leaves make the blood to clot and stop.


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