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Tatoo’s new avatar is in watercolor, and for many uses, it is becoming popular having many benefits. The truth is tattoos are getting more and more popular than ever.

Usually, people in their 20s get the tattoo done. 

Photo Source: Wikipedia A Māori Chief with tattoos  seen by Cook and his crew


Tattoo Art is becoming popular these days, and because of its many advantages, it is becoming popular and well liked. Tattoos have become the trend of the young people for many Years now. Not many people know about the watercolor tattoo. Let us tell you that these tattoos are madly popular.

The watercolor tattoo is an artwork like the paintings on the canvas. The primary use is that many vibrant colors can easily be blended.

These Tattoos are versatile and usually, have an abstract theme.  If one chooses bright colors, then they become very attractive and make the body stunning. This art is also known for the independent way of thinking while the abstract impression gathers attention for the different awareness.

The water color tattoos have tribal art as well; usually made in dark colors. The various layers of colors have a different effect on the viewers.

Nowadays geometric paintings in opaque colors are making their place in the art world. To make the design more captivating, light and intense colors shades get mixed. In such designs, a bright splash of the colors in a paper bird design given.

It got popularized, because of many benefits. 

  • Frequently people get alarmed that their design used,  should not be with someone else. The water color tattoos give you freedom from such a fear. Each artist has a unique style or taste of coloring and pattern. So, no two tattoos can get to be the same.
  • So far it is not well known by ordinary folks that an artist of watercolor tattoos can make common tattoo to something special
  • For the customer fond of the colorful tattoo,  the water color tattoo is a good idea. But machined tattoo turns out to be expensive.
  • In watercolor tattoos,  many colors get used. If these tattoos fade a touch up is easy to do.

Pay Attention when going for Tattoo Marking.

Know about The tattoo artist: No matter how anxious you are to get the tattoo, it is necessary to know the artist and his standard of work in advance.

Ordinarily, the tattoo artists do not make the lines around the tattoo. One gets worried for its fading out. So ensure the lines get marked first. Ensure the border lines are marked first.

Look after the tattoo. The water color tattoos need special care. Do not expose them to the sun but apply a sunscreen to protect them. They should last and look better.

Those interested in tattoos should look for cleanliness and judge the place if it is disinfected or not, or the standard of the environment and the amount of attention for the health risks involved. The health risks like hepatitis are dangerous whenever the skin is pierced or abraded. The blood born diseases can get transmitted. One should enquire of the disinfection standard maintained. A renowned studio will ensure that only disinfected instruments get used, that disposable needles and single-use inks get used at all times. But the obligation of keeping clean should also be on the person getting the tattoo painted. A tattooed person must take care not to donate blood for a year as the tattoo should be treated as an open wound till healed.

One should also be aware that in some clinical treatment,  the tattoo gets used to mark the place of surgery of area where treatment is required. In isolated cases, tattoos may interfere, like in a case of MRI.
Photo Source: Wikipedia  – Medical tattoo

Marking tattoo may require more than one visit to the studio and cost dearly. But to remove the tattoo marking is even more expensive as laser surgery is very costly and will require more than one visit.  No insurance is practicable for the expenses incurred that run into several hundred dollars in each session.  The removal of the tattoo is far more painful than putting the tattoo on.

Photo Source: Dainik Bhaskar – Water Color Tattoo

The impinging of certain wavelengths of light is used to remove particular color. Nearly all tattoo get removed and need some particular wavelength of light. Light indeed breaks apart the color pigment leaving no scar. Some color removal is troublesome. It is a subject that requires expert knowledge and experience. One must realize that putting a tattoo will make one stay with it for the whole of the life, so better be careful and be wise and not to follow the crowd.


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