Beware of the worldwide Branded Medicines’ High Prices

Branded Medicines

The politicians the world over before the elections give statements to control the sale of medicines by various means.  It may be recollected that these declarations are provided in the rules of the governing bodies of drug control. The pharmaceutical manufacturers incur heavy expenditure on the research and development and the clinical trials of the medicines. They apply for the patent so that others may not copy the new drugs found. Because of the increased costs and to earn the profit, a course is taken to keep the prices high. These companies do not reduce the rates even after the completion of patent period. The prices are many times more than the incurred cost and the additional profit.

Branded Medicines

On completion of the patent period, the generic medicines( same formula medicines made by other manufacturers) are 80 – 85% cheaper as per the findings of FDA in the USA. The method on which the branded medicine get manufactured is used by the other companies or the competitors. The quality and the effectiveness of generic drugs remain equally good. Knowing all this why do the ordinary folks feel compelled to buy the branded medicines. So the governments need to enforce the use of salt names or the formula on the label. Doing this for the patients and their relatives will reduce the burden of the medicine bills and the treatment.

In any country, the Government can control the sale prices of drugs. Even if the Government wants the drugs to get sold at the manufacturing prices, it is possible, and still, there will be profit. Many life-saving drugs get manufactured by the American companies but using the patents rules; the said drugs get sold at much higher prices. Many times the prices get to be hundreds of times more. It is like sucking the blood of the consumers who have no choice but to get the necessary medicine.

The world respected the assurances given during the last US President’s election campaign, Mr. Trump had promised to restrain the rise in the prices of the medicines.  In the aftermath of the elections, Nowadays the question as to when it ill happen. President Trump will strengthen his position by making the necessary laws to make the prices low with minimum profits for the manufacturers. A significant segment of the American population believes that medicine prices are getting abated and that the big companies are least concerned with no control from the powers that be.

The drug manufacturers are getting labeled as the bloodsuckers. Some scholars say that the President has full rights to lessen the burden of the masses. If he wants, no company can loot the buyers. The President needs to get reminded that he had promised to the people to bring relief to masses from such large corporations for the medicines prices. The US law called Medicare Modernization Act 2003 through which people can get the subsidy. In the act “import relief is provided, The medicine can get subsidized and reach the needy. The FDA can judge and see if the dollars get saved and benefit the masses. It can save people’s money and remain as an important step for the administration and integrity of President Trump.

An entrepreneur CEO Martin Shkreli kept per pill price for Daraprim at US$ 750 whereas in other countries the price is 2 US $. Martin Shkreli got arrested recently and is the most hated person in the USA for the deed. Similarly, in cancer treatment, Cosmojen injection in the USA costs about $ 1400 and in other countries around $ 7 to 14. Disease treatment is same the world over as in the US and India, and understanding can be reached, cheaper drugs may get manufactured in India. Many Senate members are preparing new legislation for the new development. President Trump would like to maintain people ‘s confidence and is likely not no allow the drug manufacturers to charge huge prices.

                      For those living in other countries, you will need a proper prescription from the doctor. It would be right to get helped by the internet surfing and eCommerce companies like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart Jabong and others easily available who would supply the required medicines at much lower prices than the branded ones.


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