Seven Fascinating Benefits of Exercise To Get Into Shape


Exercise and physical motion are an excellent way to feel better by being sharper, promote your health and have joy. You will spend more time with your near and dear ones and remain happier. Here we have a list of benefits of exercise:

1. Happiness level Improves


We all want to find and stay happy as much as possible. The gateway to happiness is to get physically active through workout or exercise. Research carried out by Penn State University study ascertained that people who worked out or got active or exercised at whichever moderate, medium or high level of activity had a harmonious feeling than those who did not. Also, those were more active were happier than other routine days.The importance of exercise lies in realizing that one can perform in all aspects of the life in more satisfying ways.


2. Live Longer

Live Longer

A research paper published in 2012 found by tracking 650000 people put the findings that on tracking those exercised of about 2.5 hours vigorously or 150 minutes of moderate in 5 days of a week lived longer by 3.4 yrs longer than who did not.The benefits of regular exercise become evident within a few weeks after starting the exercise regularly.


3. Performing better at work


From findings of workers’ efficiency, it got revealed that those whosoever exercised before coming to work or exercised during the break were more productive and efficient and happier than those who did not.It is well known that those who are active and regularly exercise are more productive at work.The employee morale and productivity improves at the workplace and lessens the wasted time for work hours and less sick time thus lower health care cost.


4. Reduces stress considerably and energy level goes up

Reduces stress

As you start to exercise regularly you will notice that energy level goes up stress melts away making you feel better and keep in good demeanor. It is a natural fall out that your relationships improve considerably with your near and dear ones in the family, and coworkers. The mood improves and relaxation sets in your experience. It is an effective distraction thus keeps depression away, happiness comes in naturally, and you live more in harmony with your world. Stretching exercises will tone up the body in such a way that one becomes more supple and remain in a smarter posture.


5. Improves the Memory & Brain power

 Brain power

Exercise increases the hormones serotonin get released in the brain thus increasing the mental clarity. Ponder over the following points and work for better health.


6. Sleep Better

Sleep Better

The circadian or the body rhythms get improved. You sleep better and remain cheerful. The exercise’s  fall out gets you to sleep pretty quickly, and you do not toss around.


7. Prevent and dispel different disease

different disease

Researches have shown time and again that regular exercise will ward off heart disease because both Cholesterol and triglycerides improve. LDL the bad cholesterol goes down, the HDL cholesterol improves, triglycerides moves within the desired range. Along with this Bone loss( Osteoporosis. diabetes type 2, arthritis, high blood pressure,  the exercise gets prevent heart diseases, stroke all get prevented. Cardio exercises tend to make you pump more oxygenated blood to all vital organs of the body and make them perform better. and make the immune system stronger to ward off diseases


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