Secret Facts On The Best Direction To Sleep

The best direction to sleep is east-west. This increases concentration, memory, attracts positivity and keeps you healthy.

During sleep, our body heals itself and relaxes the mind and the body. But, even after having a 7- 8 hours of sleep if you don’t feel fresh, alert and healthy you need to make changes in your sleeping direction and position.

If you are sleeping in a wrong direction you are inviting several health issues.

The Indian Ayurveda believes that our sleep positions play an important role in deciding the energy waves that are coming towards us.

Even according to the Chinese Feng Shui system,the direction of your bed and location of your bedroom is very important to get a good sleep and free flow of positive energy.

Read this article, to learn about the best direction to sleep so that you wake up in the morning refreshed and with positivity.

Sleeping with the head toward the north and legs towards the south

This is considered as the worst position to sleep if you are living in the northern hemisphere. It is believed that, our head is north So if we sleep with our head in the north direction then there is a magnetic repulsion. This creates pressure and may result in insomnia, blood pressure issues such as low blood pressure or high blood pressure and high cholesterol. This in the long run may result in a paralytic and hemorrhagic stroke.

One of the theory says that the North Pole is considered as a place of negative energy and the South Pole is a source of positive energy. If you sleep with head towards north your tired brain gets access to  negative energy. Thus, you won’t feel energized on getting up in the in the morning. This will affect the efficiency of your brain.

Sleeping with the head towards east (east-west direction)

According to Vastu Shastra, the best direction to sleep is facing your head towards the east. This increases concentration and memory.  Also, it attracts positivity and keeps you healthy. You will have a sound sleep in this direction as it is believed this direction is equipped with the force of action and have positive waves. Some scientific studies have proved that individuals sleeping in an East-West position have shorter REM sleep cycles and eye movements as compared to those who sleep in North-South direction. REM is the phase when we dream. Shorter the REM more sound is the sleep.

Sleeping with head towards the west

This sleep direction is also considered favorable. According to Vastu Shastra, it is believed that prosperity and fame get attracted towards the person who sleeps with head towards the west.

 Sleeping with head towards the south

It is also considered one of the best position to sleep if you live in the northern hemisphere. You sleep quality improves and it attracts wealth, prosperity, and happiness. But, if you live in southern hemisphere better avoid this direction.

Apart from the best direction to sleep your sleeping posture also plays an important role. Try to sleep straight and avoid bending in any direction or it may cause distress and sleeplessness.

Besides this Keep your bedroom clean, maintain a peaceful environment and have a regular sleeping pattern to promote health and well-being.

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