Before You Forget Think Safety First For Self-Massage

As usual, when ever doing anything, the golden rule safety first is important to implement. First of all, consult your doctor if it is safe to go ahead to with a self-massage system in your physical condition.The doctor will guide you and ask you to respond accordingly. In a nutshell, drink plenty of fresh water to cleanse the body of toxins and have light snacks with fresh water.

  • Under no circumstances take a drug or drink to enhance the relaxing effect of the self-massage as it is just not possible to find how you may react to the result of the intoxication.

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  • Do not take heavy meals right after self-massage as body’s energy gets diverted to other parts for digesting the heavy meals.
  • The body at times reacts negatively to the self-massage by having a slight headache or more perspiration or enhanced urination, you need not worry, as with in first 24 hours the reaction will pass off, it is a good and right sign that body is adjusting to the new condition and purify itself.
  • Experiment to find out the degree and position and a special massage at which you feel pleasant and joyful during the massage. Let the feelings be the guide as to which self-massage to go ahead with and to stop if you feel pain anywhere or uncomfortable.
  • At times it is not safe to self-massage but requires extra care. Find out whether it is appropriate to go ahead for the self-massage from your Doctor. You have to take care of the following points:-
  1. Joints affected by arthritis: You need not try deep massage whenever joints that are painful or swollen. Deep pressing heats up the area that can become troublesome and spoil and enhance the situation. Self-massage may seem to provide relief initially, but later on, the pain gets aggravated. So, light and gentle massage is the answer and proves beneficial.
  2. Delicate bones: Bones become weak and fragile with age, it is prudent not to press with a pressure that can fracture them but use gentle and light strokes.
  3. Contagious diseased skin: Do not self-massage wherever any sign of infectious or contagious skin appears as the self-massage can cause the spread of germs to adjacent areas and other nearby areas.
  4. Recurrent throbbing headache: Self -massage during a migraine may enhance the signs and symptoms.
  5. Fresh Surgery: Do not carry out any self-massage to new (recent) surgery as the new conditions will delay the healing process.
  6. Pregnancy: Remember not to massage in the abdominal area, in the first three months of the confinement, gentle brushing strokes will do.
  7. Bulging Lymph nodes: Do not massage the lymph joints or junction as the immunity system is liable to get damaged.
  8. Bitten areas, lumps, and bumps: Do not massage directly over the Cuts, clots, bruises, wounds, bumps, warts, moles, lumps and swellings.
  9. Fresh injuries: Do not directly massage the injured area until you are confident about the healing.
  10. Blood clotted area: Remember never to massage the areas of thrombosis. If you must, use very light strokes,  the clot might break the blood stream and likely to enhance the pain.
  11. Medical Condition: During any medical condition such as heart treatment, diabetes or epilepsy, it is necessary to get clearance from your doctor for any messaging.


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