Here is how to get benefits of Self-Massage


The best part of self-massage lies in your gaining the practical knowledge as to what feels right for you and what is best techniques suitable. Following are the methods you can employ and contact the unreachable portions of the body.


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Pressure as Self-Massage:

When applying pressure at any point by any of the methods by the soft tips of the hand fingers or thumbs, or the heel of the hands or feet, elbows and or knuckles.  You may apply the pressure on the body with clothes on and is equally valid. As and when the fingers & thumbs get tired the pressure may also be enforced by using the massage tools procurable for a nominal price. There two main kinds of pressure 1) Static and 2) Circular

  • Static pressure is not same as acupressure that is applied to acupoints and along the energy medians ( pathways) in the body.
  • Remember to inhale as you apply the pressure to a point and exhale on releasing the force.
  • You should hold on to a single point for a count up to 3 to 5 and then let go slowly and go to the next point of pressure.
  • To help to augment the pressure put your second finger on top of the first finger.

Circular pressure:  Pressure is a definite move while the intensity of applied pressure increases. Here the skin is moved with the intention of moving the tissues underneath in circular motion. The pressure is increased slowly and steadily as the fingers move. Gradually increase the area of the circular motion. The pressure varies so that the upper half gets increased pressure and in the lower half, the pressure ebbs. The forces should get applied in any part of the body like joints, and muscles surrounding but the delicate areas like abdomen and throat avoided.

Advantages of Pressure Massage: Deep Pressure makes better the mobility and elasticity of the body parts and the areas of tightness and the in particular muscles and adhesions in muscles fibers of the upper shoulders, joints of knees and hip. The lighter pressure gets used in facial and neck muscles to remove stiffness and tension.  All in all the massage help in energizing the areas with the blood and lymph circulation, giving more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and benefits by efficiently removing wastes and excessive fluids. It is prudent to warm up the areas using light, surface strokes, and gentle strokes.


Beating(blow) As Self-Massage :

Beating in massage by two means. First, lighter blows(beating) is for invigorating the nerve ends of the body whereas the second, heavier beating meant for improving blood circulation and lymph flow for thickened areas of the body like buttocks and thighs.

To undertake the blow style of massage: Follow as below:

  1. Keeping the fist lose, and flexible and the fingers comfortable and relaxed.
  2. Slanting the sides of fists or the back keeping the fingers also clinched the heels of the hands get used.
  3. Commence by striking the skin or flesh lightly in a rhythmic move beating with alternate fists. Ensure you give a spring like beating either gently or with some force depending on the area to massage.
  4. Use only one fist for a small area. Start with a slow rate of hitting and increase the speed and force gradually. Go quickly over the area to get the massage and not staying too long in a particular spot or place.

Advantages: Beating massage certainly warms up space and enhances the blood circulation with a creeping sensation or tingling, slight stinging or pricking effect in the muscles surrounding. It is the best way to soften the areas of hard and thick tissues. The fast beating leaves one with an uplifting experience and makes one feel calm and relaxed. The areas to get covered are thighs and buttocks or upper areas of shoulders. Be careful not to use in the areas of kidneys or the spinal cord.


Holding As Self-Massage:

It is a therapeutic style of massage. As the word implies, Holding means reaffirming one’s faith in that is getting done. Holding with hands on any part of the body has a direct calming effect. Keeping the body still, has a soothing and calming effect. One needs to pay attention to note that holding for a while is always beneficial in the physical sense. One may compare how the hands are held together to comfort or make the other happy.

It would mean reassurance to others when we hold others’ hand. Likewise, try out the following techniques of Holding to bring joy to self.

  • Breathe deeply with eyes closed for a few minutes; you feel relaxed. Concentrate on the breath and keep away all other perceptions.
  • Rub your palms on the face, giving a steady but little pressure, keep the eyes closed, feel the darkness in the eyes, whole of you will feel relaxed and comforted.
  • Maintain a maximum contact with the face using palms and fingers by rubbing the palms for over half a minute.
  • Double up the hand, one on top of the other to get the benefit of the hold.
  • Ensure and withdraw the palms slowly from your face

The profit of the holding efforts put it will get manifold with renewed stillness from the humdrum of busy world around us.  You are certain to get recharged and able to focus and concentrate your mind for the refreshing experience. The rubbed palms add to your relaxation efforts becomes evident so that you will get comforted and relaxed and experience the good around you.



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