Is Bulletproof coffee a right beverage to lose weight

Bulletproof coffee is steaming internet these days. Created by Dave Asprey, it is claimed to kill craving, reduce weight and supercharge brain.

What is Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof coffee is a high-performance drink made with brewed coffee and grass-fed unsalted butter along with MCT (medium – chain triglyceride) oil.

Wondering how a beverage rich in saturated fat can make you lose weight?

Let’s dig the reason behind it.

Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee

The proposed health benefits of Dave’s miracle drink are as follows:

  1. Non-salted butter contains butyrate which is anti-inflammatory. Also, it is rich in Omega- 3 fats, Vitamin A, D, k and antioxidants.
  2. Buttery coffee eliminates toxins and unpleasant bitterness associated with regular black coffee. It reduces the acidic effect and caffeine sensitivity.
  3. Grass-fed unsalted butter is rich in conjugated linoleic aka that is fat- burning fatty acid.
  4. Saturated fats in butter take much time to digest and thus prolongs the satiety feeling making you eat less.
  5. According to a few recent studies, saturated fats are not behind high cholesterol and are much less destructive for our body than sugar and simple carbs. Saturated fats are not associated with the sudden spike in blood sugar and insulin level.
  6. MCT oil balances CCK and ghrelin that are hunger hormones. MCT oil heads towards the liver and promotes ketone production. Ketones provide the energy, boosts the body metabolism, burns fats and decreases the amount of stored fat.
  7. Butter coffee renders quick, but the long-lasting energy that boosts physical endurance. It slows caffeine absorption and inhibits caffeine crash or spike. Being rich in antioxidant it sharpens your brain, improves mood, enhances alertness and decreases the risk of chronic degenerative disease.

How to make bulletproof coffee

Either buy hot coffee or brew coffee. With a blender bend four teaspoons grass-fed unsalted butter and 1-2 tablespoon brain octane oil or virgin coconut oil in it. Your buttery beverage is ready.

Which is the right time to drink bulletproof coffee

Bulletproof coffee is designed to drink on an empty stomach instead of breakfast or drink it before a workout.

If you couple it with a meal or breakfast you will be overloaded with calories leading to weight gain.

The bad part

  1. Butter coffee is rich in calories and saturated fats. It does contain fat-soluble vitamins and a handful of antioxidants but lacks other essential water-soluble vitamins, minerals, complex carbs, essential fats, fibre and protein. Thus it is not a well-balanced breakfast.
  2. Breakfast rich in fat stimulates gut motor activity and causes gut discomfort. It may also lead to gastrointestinal issues.


Bulletproof coffee may work for some but not for everyone. People with heart disease or those living a sedentary life should think twice before replacing your breakfast with Dave’s drink. It can be beneficial for those on a ketogenic diet, low carb diet or tends to have a late lunch.

*If you are a regular consumer of buttery drink we advise you to plan rest of your diet wisely to fulfil the daily recommended nutrient requirement. Also, keep an eye on the level of fat in the blood.


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