Most Fascinating Bird Stories – Osprey’s Rare Move, Singing Pidgey Cockatiel & Loving Storks

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SA wonderful Osprey In a Rarest of Rare Move

Some of the photographers always remain alert and keep looking the nearby scenes through their cameras. Here underneath you will find the photoshoot clicked by nature photographer Doc Jon of Florida. Where he depicted an osprey

(Fishhawk) that is holding its prey in its paw a shark that in turn is seen catching a fish, it is the mouth.

Jon Told that sometime earlier while strolling with a camera in his hands on the Madera beach; he felt that an osprey hovered over his head. He clicked the bird several times thinking that it was a usual scene. Earlier to this, Jon shot the kite and falcon many times, but photographer felt a bit odd this time about the feet of the hawk. On zooming, to his surprize, he noticed that the bird was holding a small sized shark with a fish in its jaws.

Jon said that it was rarest of the rare scene called ‘circle of life moment”  Earlier to this he had the photo shoot the hawk and Kite many a times  but ” a three in One” happened for the first time. Such a picture is one in a billion shot. He uploaded these photos on he Facebook so that people see the reality.

The exact wording on his Facebook is as under:

i saw an osprey with a fish. When i looked on my computer i saw the fish’s tail was that of a shark. then zooming and cleaning up the photo noticed THE SHARK IS EATING A FISH!! !!! these are NOT photoshopped


Photo  source: Facebook


The singing Bird pidgey cockatiel

Her caretaker Simone explained that it belongs to the crow family of birds. The bird is a family member and often sings in the morning loudly till someone comes nearby. When it sees someone it starts shaking the head and dances. Whenever it is happy it starts to sing. He looks by paying all the attention to the video on the mobile phone. Here underneath you will enjoy the page of the uploaded image on Instagram.

View this post on Instagram

Got featured by @instagram !😁💛🐥 . . . #Repost @instagram with @get_repost ・・・ Video by @pidgeythecockatiel Hello, world! You’re going to want to turn the sound up for this #WeeklyFluff: Pidgey the Cockatiel (@pidgeythecockatiel), a little bird with an ear for music — especially a certain theme song. “We taught him ‘The Pink Panther’ by putting a video on for him!” says Pidgey’s human, Simone. “Pidgey always sings when he’s happy — even when it’s 6:30 in the morning.” 😐 When he’s giving his vocal chords a break, Pidgey enjoys a few of his other favorite activities, like sitting on shoulders, flying around the house and snacking on millet and broccoli (his favorites). “Most of all, he loves himself,” says Simone. “He always whistles when he looks in the mirror.” 💛

A post shared by Pidgey & Starly (@pidgeythecockatiel) on

Real Interesting Story of the Loving pair of Storks

In the small village of Brodski Veros of Croatia the story of two storks, the animal couples’ (Malana and Klapton) in real-life is popular and interesting. Their videos are easily seen on the YouTube. The story goes back sixteen years. Malana was shot and injured by a hunter and broke her wing and since then she cannot fly anymore. 71 years old Stejpaan Vokikca former school janitor, takes care of the Melanie. Each year Stejpaan Vokikca prepares a bucket full of fish to welcome Klepetan when turns up in March. The fish is to facilitate his recovery from the stress of the long journey. Every year Klepetan comes to see Melanie all the way from South Africa – a distance of fourteen thousand kilometres. He takes care of Melanie very sincerely. Stejpaan Vokikca explained that the crane Melanie got located close to his house in a wounded state near a puddle in 1993. He carried and nurtured her and got her treated and made a home for her. In 2002 Klapton turned up and has repeated his visit since then. Stejpaan Vokikca named both of them.

Photo source: Dainik Bhaskar

The storks’ pair is pretty popular in Croatia. When Klepeton turns up every year then their photo appears on internet media. Different channels devote time to them and Klepeton returns in as the winters approach.

Another Chapter in the Famous Croatian Love Story of Klepetan & Malena


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