How to Create the Perfect Sleep Environment in Your Room

Sleep Environment in Your Room

There is more that goes into getting a good night’s rest than just having a quality mattress and a good set of pillows from Tuft & Needle mattresses. It encompasses virtually all aspects of life, ranging from your state of mind, the foods you eat, what you drink before going to bed, amount of exercise you and the environment where you sleep – your bedroom in this case.

Sleep Environment in Your RoomIn as much as there is a myriad of things you can do to improve the quality of your sleep, your bedroom is always a vital consideration and it is important that you set it in a manner that it will create the right environment for you to get a perfect sleep. Presented here are a few tips on how you can transform your bedroom into the perfect sleeping environment so that you look forward to getting to bed every day-:

Get a new mattress

Get a new mattressFinding the right mattress is the first step towards creating the right environment for sleep in your bedroom. The mattress will determine the levels of comfort you get, check out Wife Knows to get ideas and tips on choosing the perfect mattress. It is imperative that you take your time to shop and ensure the mattress you ultimately end up with will give you the kind of support and comfort you desire. Kindly note that a mattress is not necessarily good or bad because they are too soft or hard. The best way to find out which best suits you sleeping needs is to try the ones you are interested in and gauge their support and comfort levels.

Invest in the right bedding

Buying a new mattress alone will not be sufficient to let you have the most amazing environment for sleep. You must also invest in the right accessories so that you have a complete package on the bed. It is recommended that you get silky, fiber-tree bedsheets to make the beds more comfortable and welcoming, and also to enhance the ambiance inside the room.

You should also consider investing in a decent number of pillows to provide support to your entire body. If you don’t have a sleeping partner, you can take your pillow game a notch higher by investing in a full-body pillow so that you don’t feel too lonely when you feel like being with someone. If you are a lady, you should get a decently sized teddy bear to keep your bed company when you are away.

Remove the clutter

Remove the clutterWhere you sleep should not be like your office, gym or entertainment area. It is important to have a few items as possible in the room so that your attention when you come to sleep is not distracted. If you have closets for your clothes in the bedroom, ensure that every piece of cloth and every pair of shoe is stored properly, and always out of sight.

Again, the bedroom is not the place to do your workouts, watch television or carry on with your office work. With too much clutter in the room, and making it a place for carrying out other activities other than sleeping, you will be constantly distracted and getting quality sleep will forever be elusive. Therefore, adopt minimalist designs for your bedroom, and have a few items as possible to have the right environment to enjoy your sleep.

Don’t allow any electronics into the bedroom

Using electronics before bed and having them in the bedroom is one of the reasons why millions of people around the world are sleep-deprived. People want to use their mobile phones, keep updated on the social media, and watch late night shows just before going to bed and hope that they will sleep well. These kinds of electronics emit a certain kind of light known as blue light, and this is a known sleep stealer. You should keep the bedroom free of all these kinds of electronics, including your mobile phone. If you usually use your phone for the alarm clock, be sure to keep it in a separate room. This will not just help you avoid the blue light, but also will compel you to wake up when you wanted to wake up because you will have to leave your bed when the alarm goes off.

Keep your room dark

Keep your room darkDarkness is a necessity for quality sleep and as such, you should ensure that your room is as dark as possible every time you get to sleep. This means that no lumps should be left on, strong bulbs should not be used, and you should block natural light coming from outside with heavy curtains or use block out blinds to keep away the natural light from the bedroom.

Make the room quiet

Make the room quietSounds within the room can be very disruptive and if you do nothing about them, you might as well forget about having a good rest at night. Always lock the doors and the windows of the room once you get to bed so that you block any noise that might be coming from outside. If there is still a lot of noise disrupting your sleep, you can invest in sound machines to help cancel the disruptive sounds and also to help soothe you into a deep sleep. Again, you should avoid having music players in the bedroom because the kinds of noise they produce are not the right ones for sleep. However, if you can’t fall asleep without listening to your some of your favorite tunes, then you may keep them in the bedroom and use them to fall asleep.

Use Aromatherapy

Several studies have concluded that there are certain scents that can promote sleep. These are some of the scents you can consider having in your room as a way of creating an ideal environment for sleep. The scents work by creating a relaxed and calming atmosphere that will soothe the mind, body, and soul to sleep. Some of the best scents and the widely used ones you can consider for your bedroom are vanilla, lavender, lemon, bergamot, clary sage, and jasmine.


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