You Need to Know More About Tongue for Healthier Life.

Typically it is believed that the tongue has different taste buds for various tastes. But it is not so in reality.  These glands( taste buds)  are located right from the one end to the other end of the tongue. Because of these, we can detect salty, spicy, bitter, or sour tastes. It must get clear that all parts of the tongue can identify all types of tastes and not that different glands are there for some particular tastes in a specific position on the tongue.

To detect the taste some part of the food gets mixed with the mouth’s saliva, that activates the taste glands. There is also a chemical reaction by foodstuff that sends impulses in the nervous system. The messages reach the taste centre of the brain and give the detail of the taste. Because of these messages, the brain informs us about the particular flavour.

At the bottom of the tongue in the mouth, there is a muscle that makes it easier to chew and swallow food right from infancy days. The tongue is the primary part of the body that makes it possible to taste.

The upper part of the tongue is covered by papillae and taste buds. The second function of the tongue controls the voice modulation. It is highly sensitive and keeps mouth w(moist) by the secretion of saliva. There are many nerves and vessels available to help move the tongue. Besides all this, the tongue is believed to clean the teeth naturally.

Bad smelling breath is called halitosis. The bad breath means something is wrong with your teeth or one has health problems. Foul smell breath can get worse by the type of food one eats and unhealthy lifestyle one may lead.

Strong odour food causes the bad breath and remains in the body till such foods stay within the body unless flossing, teeth cleaning and mouthwash are used to cover the bad breath. One has to use anti-bacterial mouthwash as well as fluoride toothpaste twice along with brushing the teeth, brushing the tongue and flossing the teeth once daily.

Bad breath can be caused by any of the following conditions viz: teeth have cavities, yeast infection, poorly fitting dentures( xerostomia) if any and also dry mouth conditions. Make sure the dentures are cleaned thoroughly before affixing them again. The glands in the mouth produce saliva that is necessary to keep the mouth wet so that it removes all the dead cells, from the different part of the mouth like tongue, inside cheeks and neutralise the acid produced by plaque deposits on the tongue. Dry mouth may be caused due to more than one reason like breathing through the mouth, salivary glands not working efficiently and various medications taken by the person involved. The conditions prevailing  may include any of the following:

1.Acid reflux, 2. diabetes or infections like pneumonia or bronchitis. 3.  Liver or kidney problem 4. some medication. 4. smoking, 5. snuff or chewing tobacco

Some ways to fight bad breath:

Drink plenty of water, try out sugarless gum or, Sugarless mint. Visit the Dentist twice a year that will allow investigating the reason of bad breath and clean the teeth though only if your mouth still emits a bad odour, you will get referred to another doctor for investigation.

Here is a Youtube link is provided to control bad breath


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