Laughter sprinkles elixir in our lives.


When do we laugh? Whenever we are happy or pleased or whenever we are enthusiastic, and our mind is in glee and hilarious, and we may further add as and when our conscience and emotions, get raptured, and are full of positivity. In such situations, we laugh hilariously. But the big irony is that nowadays, our natural laughs, innocent, laughing or smile, those moments of happiness seem like getting snatched away. We have everything we need. It is not that means – facilities and resources have decreased, but the thinking and living style has changed. We’ve started to give place to reason or tactile in place of emotions, that is why smiles and cordiality have gone far away or gone forever.

Amid so many materials means cum facilities happiness is not found, Smile does not hide in the methods. We are in a plight, in perversity, plundered in a conspiracy so much so that our tender feelings have got suppressed. That is why we have forgotten to smile. Our lives have everything, but having them has made our happiness to disappear. That is why our lives are barren and without laughter.

Because we are not able to be sincere and innocent, and until that happens, we can neither smile or laugh. The loss of sensation is often in every area of our life. In the poems of old-time poets, we find the lyrics describe the beauty of nature. In their poetic works, the song and music on flora and fauna come prominently alive. The grandeur and beauty of life have come out ultimately, but in the present milieu of literature, the impelling towards the environs is nearly extinct. That is, humour and laughter have disappeared from our lives today. In the current times, we find that in childhood, the laughter is still present, but in adulthood, it is all have evaporated and vanished.


Little feelings of happiness have now disappeared — formerly, the children were running after the birds in the courtyard in the morning. The birds don’t chirp in the yard any more. Their chirping is hardly heard. It is said that little birds are not seen even on looking for them. It is so common to know that to see little birds are a rarity these days.

Only the children innocently certainly laugh today. Children laugh without any preconditions, and laugh without thinking, or laugh just like that for any reason., children’s laughter is in all the directions. Children laugh and are happy because their laughter does not require any preparation. No prior arrangements are to be made. Their laughter is scattered around freely right up to heavens.

Until childhood, laughter returns in life and till the moments of laughter reappear, the experience is not complete. Life, without its implications, can not find the meaning of life.

It is a widely known fact that the great men are innocent, clean and comfortable and are like children. They get and remain happy like children. They play and laugh like children and are filled with natural feelings. Joy is packed in the physical form in them. Ravinder Nath Tagore India’s Nobel first laureate, the world knew of his achievements, had a hectic life with hardly any moments of relaxation. He was always active in his prose works, poetry, or literature and also working in many social jobs. Once Gandhi Ji met him and said that Tagore was working hard being a poet, with a generous heart but so sensitive. On meeting, Tagore Gandhi Ji asked for a begging. Tagore was flabbergasted and got amazed and replied,” Bapu( Gandhi Ji), “we are ready to fulfil your desire for everything.” Gandhi Ji asked that he should relax and rest a little during the day.” To that, Ravinder Nath Tagore agreed readily and confirmed that he would rest as desired by Gandhi Ji.

Once some foreign correspondent got together and asked Tagore,” Sir, what were you doing?. The prompt reply was that he was giving alms to Gandhi then. They were surprised and pointed out that Gandhi was not round and how was it possible to provide him with charities. He said that whenever he went to sleep, he was giving Gandhi gifts. Because Gandhi had told him to donate when sleeping. All present there had a good laugh. Moments of simplicity can be seen in the lives of great men.

Nowadays, we have all around us depression and sorrow and sadness prevailing all over. Sadness is prevalent in home and life. In the chemistry of life, some chemical processes have been dissolved that the depressant venom is released from time to time. The antidote to counteract the poison is so sure but straightforward is humour or laughter. We should time and again search for opportunities to laugh. If we need to remove the poison and stop the life to be freed of the built up muck of depression and remain pollution free mentally, The daily cleaning of the mind of the poison we need to use laughter as the panacea. Laughter is the solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases.

Whenever laughter has a prestigious place in our lives, the bitterness will disappear. The laughter sprinkles our lives with nectar and also showers happiness in our living. That is why we should immerse our minds in the realm of laughter and joy for the positivity to appear.


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