4 lifestyle changes to make before falling pregnant

before pregnancy

Ask any woman and the answer will be the same. Pregnancy is a game changer – and for the purposes of today we are only referring to your body, and not the sleepless nights or other side effects you are about to encounter.

Some might suggest that there is no easy way to prepare for motherhood and to a degree, this is true. There are mechanisms you can adapt which can prepare your body for the changes ahead though, and this is what the remainder of today’s article is all about.

Get into the routine of exercise

Your body will change after pregnancy – it’s a fact. You will also probably find it more difficult to stay active and stay on top of your body, which is why it is crucial to get into the routine before you fall pregnant.

Sure, there are breast augmentation procedures and similar forms of plastic surgery that can give your a body a boost after giving birth. However, for the purposes of simplicity, try and get into the habit of exercising two or three times a week. Then, when baby does arrive, it’s a little bit easier to pick up where you left off. Sure, your time will be limited, but at least your body will be used to the E-word.

Are you a caffeine junkie? Now is the time to cut back.

We are seemingly a nation that is becoming more addicted to coffee. Perhaps it is the instant-information generation we appear to be in right now – we’re not going to speculate.

However, if you are serious about preparing your body for the pregnancy changes that might be around the corner, it’s time to think twice about coffee.

This is a beverage which is limited during that nine month pregnancy, and also through nursing. Ultimately, if you do fall pregnant, the last thing you want to do is to harshly cut it out of your diet.

As such, start to pull back. You will be allowed some caffeine during your pregnancy, but probably not anywhere near the levels that you are tapping into now.

The same rules apply with alcohol and smoking

Hopefully, you are already aware of the advice when it comes to alcohol, smoking and pregnancy. In short, it’s a no-go area, so even if you have not yet fallen pregnant now is the time to address these habits.

Most people have been educated on the effects of cigarettes and alcohol on unborn babies, but it’s worth highlighting that both can make it much harder for your body to recover from birth as well.

Similarly to what we said about caffeine, start to cut back now. The last thing you want to deal with is an urgent cold turkey situation if you suddenly fall pregnant.

Your diet may need altering as well

Your diet is something else that will need to be adapted during pregnancy, so addressing this early is sound advice as well.

For example, when it comes to fish, pregnant women are not meant to consume any more than 340g a week.

Then, there are broader pieces of advice. For example, if you are overweight during pregnancy, you are more likely to suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure and a whole host of other problems. Again, stay on top of your diet now, to make that period of pregnancy so much easier.

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