The Wrong Belief of Good and Bad Cholesterol

You would get disturbed when you come to know that medical milestone belief about high cholesterol is dangerous and is not correct. It is about the $ 100 billion medicine scam for making unethical profits. Researchers have proved that high cholesterol need not be hazardous to health as more critical data is required before it is understood.

The medical industry wrongly and deliberately pronounced that so-called good cholesterol -(HDL -high-density lipoprotein) and- lousy(bad) cholesterol ( LDL – Low-density lipoprotein) should have reasonable control by using statins.

It matters much with those having heart problems. It was made to believe through studies that LDL have a positive association with clogged arteries. This belief is questionable. We need to understand that there is only one kind of cholesterol necessary for life. All of us have it an abundant quantity.

One-quarter of cholesterol of body remains located in in the skull. Cholesterol is in the walls of each cell of the brain, and if removed, it would cause death. Professor Fred Kummerow, Emeritus Professor of Biosciences at the University of Illinois affirms that LDL is not the culprit for heart disease. This premise got supported by other scientists from Tuft University that it is ApoB is a marker of lack of tryptophan. They looked at 201 cancer patients and 402 cancer-free patients. They established that patient having cancer had a lower level of LDL cholesterol at an average of 19 years before the cancer detection.

Serious Side Effects of Statin Drugs
There are several hazardous side effects of statins. On Statins prolonged use cause type 2 diabetes and damage muscles. Recent studies prove that statins enhance the risk of breast cancer, liver injury and memory loss Dr Staphanis Seneff warned that Statins might also cause Alzheimer’s disease and other brain-centred diseases.

A study recently published in the International Journal Drug Safety disclosed a definite link between using Statin drug and Bell’s Palsy regularly.

Since 2012, one wonders as to why the FDA waited so long – over 12 years when the severe side effects of Statins were well known for over a decade. It issued warnings against the use of Statins after the expiry of Pfizer’s patent on Lipitor in 2011. Lawsuits started to trickle and by 2016 over 1200 lawsuits were filed by women against Pfizer that Lipitor caused them to be diabetic after FDA’s warnings.

Because the Statin drugs were a very successful class for being the most profit giving amongst the manufacturers and the entire industry. They could use their influence to delay the warnings. Pfizer was so successful in influencing the American public that taking a pill would lower their cholesterol to prevent heart attack. It was the most unethical marketing and profit-making scam ever used by the pharmaceutical industry.
So one has to find through proper working with specialists whether to have Statins or not.


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