Growing old: What does it really entail?

Old Age

In our 20s and even 30s it’s something that we never consider. Then, our pension pots start to get a bit bigger than we ever thought was possible – and suddenly our body is seeing the effects.

Today’s post is all about what exactly happens to your body as you go through the aging process. Aside from the wrinkles and other classic signs, let’s now jump into both the good and bad side effects that will impact your body.

Your breasts will change shape

For the female readers out there, this might be one of the most obvious signs. Your breasts will start to sag somewhat, and lose their firmness and fullness they once had. This is all related to changes in reproductive hormone levels.

For those of you who may have had enhancement surgery, now might be the time for consider a breast revision. Others might consider wearing a different bra to make the difference less noticeable.

Your fat levels increase

Following on from the previous point, another change to your appearance comes in the form of your fat levels. Even if you may have considered yourself as something of an athlete in your youth, your muscle content drops emphatically as the years start to catch up with you. What comes in its place? You guessed it, the dreaded F-word.

Unsurprisingly, hormones are to blame for this. While testosterone might be produced in abundance for the first twenty or thirty years or so of your life, it then starts to dip. Considering that this is the main hormone which can keep your fat and muscle levels in-check, this is a change which is noticeable to say the least.

Unfortunately, the only way to get around this is to exercise harder. For a lot of older people, this is difficult, which is why drops in muscle content are so obvious.

You might catch fewer colds

OK, so far we have been talking a lot about the downsides about growing old. As such, let’s move onto one of the “benefits”.

When you are younger, you are more susceptible to common colds. This is for the simple reason that your immune system is relatively new, and isn’t able to cope with all of the fresh germs that enter its system.

When you are older, this has obviously changed. Your immune system is more developed, and the result is that you should get fewer illnesses along these lines.

Your taste is impacted

In your early years, you might appreciate food far more than what you do as you get older. Again, there is some simple science behind this reason; your taste buds are affected as the years start marching by.

To throw some numbers into the picture, the typical 60-year-old will have lost half of their taste buds by the time they reach this age. Unfortunately, this can sometimes mean that you dive into some so-called bad foods; the ones that contain lots of salts and sugars to give your body that extra flavour.


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