You need to know habits so Cholesterol benefits

Cholesterol is a chemical compound necessary to make the blood cells. It should not go beyond a certain level otherwise it may prove to be fatal. High cholesterol can prove dangerous for the heart and brain and damage the kidneys. That is why one should regularly keep investigating the blood from time to time so that its elements remain under control. The increase in cholesterol is related to the type of food taken.

  1. Start the morning with Garlic: Garlic has enzymes that restrict the bad cholesterol (LDL). As per research, the LDL can get lowered up to 9% by taking two buds of garlic in the morning regularly with an empty stomach,
  2. Take 4/5 almonds prior to morning tea: Almond has Omega-3 fatty acids that help in controlling good cholesterol (HDL) and reduce bad cholesterol (LDL). Soak the almonds in the night before and consume them 20 minutes prior to the morning tea. By soaking the almonds the fatty content reduces. 4 to 5 almonds are sufficient for this purpose. The expenses to have these almonds is about the same for medicines one may take to reduce LDL cholesterol. Along with it use 2/3 walnuts redoubles the benefit, it would be better to avoid cashew nut.
  3. The food should have maximum fiber. Having meals from breakfast to the last meal of the day should be that of having fiber. Add salad in one’s meals. The salad should have all sorts of vegetables such as onion, radish, carrot and beetroot, broccoli, oats, sprouts, and sweet potato. take these in the breakfast. With it take fresh fruits like orange, tangerine, pear, Chiku, papaya, gooseberry as all of them is good sources of fiber.
  4. Say NO to deep-fried food cooked outside of Home: Having transfat, the bad LDL cholesterol increases and the good cholesterol HDL reduces by 20%. Transfat is mainly found in deep-fried, baked and cream-based food. Especially whenever the oil gets reused for frying, raise the transfat in such oil. Such reused oil gets used for cooking outside homes. Therefore, better avoid having deep-fried food brought from shops.
  5. Increase the intake of Vegetable protein. Vegetable – proteins are those that are available from vegetation ie: Produce from trees and plants. Such proteins are available through pulses, beans, channa, peanuts, soybeans, etc. Through their use, the bad cholesterol (LDL ) gets reduced and good cholesterol (HDL) level goes up.


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