Space Lessons by Chris Headfield

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield spent altogether six months in the space travels. While up there he made his own version of David Bowie’s song named “Space Oddity” and is very pleased to get 20 million views on his song sung full of emotions.

While singing up there he has shown the life in space. He has already been to three space missions. He had been the Chief of the Houston Space Mission and has written in his book ” An Astronaut’s guide to Life on Earth”.  In this book he has given details of how NASA’s choses astronaut for the Space Mission. For example he says the claustrophobic people are not required. It means that if you cannot live in a small space then you will not be selected. You will be asked to live in a small space. Only on conquering fear can one become an astronaut.

He has become a internet phenomenon and continuously experienced untold beauty of the universe. Mind you he had to live in unending threat to life while orbiting our good earth and sometimes out side the space craft at a speed of 17500 miles an hour with a life line. He has total of 14 hours 53 minutes and 38 seconds of Extra-vehicular activity (EVA). Which is any activity done by an astronaut or cosmonaut outside of a spacecraft beyond the Earth’s appreciable atmosphere.

While orbiting, he describes that looking at earth one feels importance of self – to see at whole world every 90 minutes elates one. One is bound to feel changed with in for good in one’s faith. The strong feeling we should stop being stupid and start being good as the mother earth towards all.

Chris Recording his Video song i the spacecraft flying in weightlessness
Chris recording his video song in the spacecraft flying in weightlessness

He recalled on sad passing of the colleague Rick Husband and the whole team. Rick and himself  were test pilot together. Only by taking risk can space problems can be solved. It takes years but they were able to solve problems by changing a lot of equipments, gadgets and new ways of approaching obstructions.


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