Secret Facts On The Best Direction To Sleep

The best direction to sleep is east-west. This increases concentration, memory, attracts positivity and keeps you healthy. During sleep, our body heals itself and relaxes the mind and the body. But, even after having a 7- 8 hours of sleep if you don’t feel fresh, alert and healthy you need to make changes in your […]

Healthy Secret On How To Grow Natural Hair Fast

If you are suffering from a bald spot or hair fall you must be looking for ways to grow hair naturally. You do not have to waste your millions on hair products and hair transplant techniques that claim to grow your hair back. What you need is a proper diet, rich in essential fats, vitamins, […]

How To Analyze Your Hair Quality To Determine Natural Hair Types

You can determine your natural hair types on the basis of its density, porosity, elasticity and hair texture. When you find someone gifted with beautiful thick, long and shiny hair, you ask them about the hair product they are using. You might buy the same hair product and use it. But in spite of working […]

6 Steps To Get A Two Strand Twist

two strand twist

Either you have long hairs or short hairs, if you are looking for a unique hairstyle try two strand twist to give you a versatile look.