Healthy Secret On How To Grow Natural Hair Fast

If you are suffering from a bald spot or hair fall you must be looking for ways to grow hair naturally. You do not have to waste your millions on hair products and hair transplant techniques that claim to grow your hair back. What you need is a proper diet, rich in essential fats, vitamins, and proteins along with concentrating on your hair care regime.

The problem of hair fall and baldness has increased these days. Contributing factors behind it are pollution, unhealthy eating habits, stress, lack of nutrients in the body, inadequate hydration, chemical rich hair products and unnecessary hair styling that makes hair rip out from its root.

But believe me, a slight change in your lifestyle is enough to grow natural hair back.

Importance of diet to grow natural hair back

Beautiful, long, and thick hair is a gift of the healthy body. So you need to take an all over care of yourself. Add sources of an essential fatty acid such as nuts, seeds and vegetable oils to your diet. They improve the hair texture, prevents dryness of the scalp and makes the roots strong.

Eat fruits and vegetable rich in Vitamin C such as Indian gooseberries,  guava, papaya, watermelon etc.. As they contain antioxidants that fight the free radicals that are damaging our bodies.

Increase the intake of vitamin A and protein rich foods to generate healthy hairs. A few sources of vitamin A are yellow- orange fruits such as carrots, mango, tomato, papaya and orange. Lentils, egg, fish, chicken and  milk is rich in protein.

Deficiency of vitamin B complex is a very important cause of dry and itchy scalp which finally leads to a hair fall. Eat at least 3 serving of green vegetables every day.

Our hair and nails contain zinc. It is found in pumpkin seeds, whole grains, oyster, rye and red meat. Include sources of foods that contain zinc in your diet.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that retains moisture, promotes the absorption of vitamin A, and prevents sun damage and premature aging of the hair. Sources of vitamin E are cold-pressed wheat germ oil and safflower oil.

Also include selenium-rich food in your diet, such as wheat germ, Brazil nuts, garlic and onion to promote the absorption of vitamin E and prevent dandruff.

Besides making changes in your diet make sure to drink lots of water to keep your scalp hydrated and flush out the toxins from your body. Also maintain healthy hair care habits. Shampoo your hair 2 times in a week to remove impurities, bacteria, fungi and excess of sebum from your hair. You may try the natural homemade shampoo for this purpose.

Massage your scalp with the best oil according to your hair type at least an hour before having a head bath to grow natural hair fast. This promotes the blood circulation and also locks the moisture, thus prevents your scalp from getting dry.

To protect your hairs from the damage caused by sun and pollution wear a hat or cover your hair with a scarf.

It is always better to remove the cause then to invest your time and money in treatment. Inculcate the above changes in your diet and hair care regime to grow natural hair fast.


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