More About How to Treat And Care For Back Pain

Unpleasant sensation or pain in the small of the back is a symptom of many conditions that affect the spine, spinal ligaments, back muscles and the nerves. The health remains reasonable, and pain may only be symptoms in the initial stages.

All About Hair, How To Care, and Cure

Five ways to deal with Hair Loss.  Ordinally, the onset of hair loss is detected late. It comes to attention only when one finds losing hair in the shower drain. It is normal to loose approximately 50 hair every day. At a later stage around 150 plus hair is lost. At that time corrective action is […]

See How to Cure Glaucoma Perfectly by Ayurveda

Eyes have a prominent place in our body. It is only because of eyes that we can see this magnificent creation of God. Eyes diseases develop due to smoke, dust, pollution and different types of germs. Therefore, we need to be careful with the health of eyes always. In situations, it is our primary duty […]

Symptoms, Cure and Treatment for Diabetes

Now a day’s diabetes is a common disease find among people in every age group. Diabetes is a lifelong disease. Diabetes Mellitus is commonly known as “diabetes,” and it means “sweet urine.”

Some Tips to increase HDL Cholesterol level in your Body

We are lucky to have cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, Driving down low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or simply “bad” cholesterol. This “bad” cholesterol has been the top listed approach in the improvement of cholesterol level. But there is something extra also present in the narration of cholesterol and cardiovascular risk than LDL standing alone. The HDL (high-density lipoprotein) […]

7 Effective Tips to Lose Weight

A person is remembered for his intelligence and personality. A fit body is one of the most important aspects of fit and healthy body and great personality. But over weightiness can leave a bad impression of yours on others.

Tips to get Smooth Detangled and Damage Free Hairs

Hair is the jewel of body. Loss of hair is one of the most common problems in women and men today. It is more painful for women because loss of hairs among them can be seen clearly and breakage and damage of hairs is a problem which has no instant solution. But hairs can be […]

Know Sun Burn, Effects and Prevention

Sunburn is a form of rays’ burn that affects existing tissue, such as skin, that results from an overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays, usually from the sun’s rays. An excess of UV radiation can be critical in extreme cases.

Summer Injuries you should Takecare of

Summer Injuries you should Takecare of

Summer does not come alone. It brings lots of nice and bad things together. Nice things includes fashionable wears, fruits, ice cream, juices etc but at the same time bad things like summer injuries, hotness also come. Many summer diseases like feet ache, sunburn, dehydration mainly becomes problematic in summer. These are some summer injuries […]