How to Take Good Care of Your Valuable Teeth


Take care of a few points so that the health of teeth remain sound.Pay attention to a few points to keep the teeth Healthy.

Water: The water is not only essential for the body but also the teeth. If the mouth does not stay dry, most of the bacteria do not take a deep root in the jaw. By drinking water, any food stuck in the teeth is washed out. Because of the same food, later on, starts to stink emitting a foul smell.

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Carrot: The carrot not only helps and massages the gums but also cleans the teeth. Sweet carrot makes a plenty of salivae that restricts and stops the formation of the Streptococcus bacteria mutants that cause the formation of cavities.

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Cheese: Cheese keeps the balance of pH layer in the mouth. While having cheese saliva is generated. The cheese handles & also manages the safety layer of teeth. Therefore, one or two pieces may be eaten.

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Kiwi: One large kiwi has much plenty of vitamin C. It is found in Orange and lemon. Vitamin C is essential for the teeth. The deficiency of vitamin C affects the gums by weakening them. Because of this many diseases of the gums get affected because of the bacteria that get generated.

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Vegetables: The fiber found in the vegetable reduces the acidic level, When the acid generated is reduced the harmful effect of acid will diminish and would not affect the teeth as strongly.That is how the vegetables make the teeth stronger and also whiten them. To cleanse the gums the broccoli and mushroom are particularly beneficial.


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Sour Fruits: Because of citric acid presence in strawberry, lemon, orange and other such sour fruits it is also known as the natural whitening agent cleanses the gums and also stops the foul smell. single orange if eaten for a week after the daily meal makes the teeth strong,


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