How Empathetic Humor is Successful in Solving Problems

Experience the pleasure of humor builds a sense of friendship and relationship among two people—qualities that establish firm, happy association. When you smile with one another, you make a positive correlation between you. This link acts as a powerful defense against tension, misunderstanding, setbacks, and bad spots in a bond.

How to Solve Your Troubles by the Best Methods


Once upon a time a fellow was traveling through a jungle and met four ladies. He asked the first one, sister what your name is? She replied Sir, I am Wisdom. And where do you live?  Sir, I live in the Brain.

How to actually Get Rid of the Ageing Problems

Ageing Problems

We are advancing towards old age. Do not forget this truthful FACT. We have all worked in our ways are in the position of to take care and raise the family. Now our children and also the grandchildren are in the position to tell us and show us the way in our day to day dealings.