How to Solve Your Troubles by the Best Methods


Once upon a time a fellow was traveling through a jungle and met four ladies. He asked the first one, sister what your name is? She replied Sir, I am Wisdom. And where do you live?  Sir, I live in the Brain.

He queried the second lady the same question. She said I am Humility. He questioned her Where do you reside? She said that she lived in the Eyes.

Then he asked the third one the same questions, and then she replied, ” I am known as Courage and live in the Heart.”

Last, he asked the fourth one and what is your name. She said that she was called Health and resided in the Stomach.

The fellow continued his journey and shortly after that met four men.

He asked the first one his name and got the reply that he was Anger and lived in the Brain. The man told him that he knew that Wisdom lived in the brain and how could he live there. To this, the stranger replied when I go into the Brain,  automatically,  Wisdom leaves the house.

Then the man asked the second person his name and got the reply,’ I am GREED and live in the Eyes. The man asked Greed all I know that Humility lives in the Eyes and how come you claim to live there. Then Greed replied the moment I go into the house; Humility flees from there.

The man asked the third one his name. The answer came at once,” I am Fear and reside in the Heart.The baffled man disagreed and said I know that Lady Courage lives there, but he got the reply, no Sir, the moment I come in the Heart, Lady Courage departs at once.

The fourth man was asked the same question to which he replied I am Disease and my abode is the Stomach, and on my entrance, Lady Health has to leave.

This episode keeps reminding the man to this day to remain and not to get excited under any circumstances to do well in life. He learned to stay inspired so that the right shall prevail under all the circumstances.

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The same Man mentioned above remembered being told earlier by his teachers that in adversity if you remember the following tips then so many unfavorable things can get avoided.

  1. Look smilingly; the world would; the as a happy place.
  2. Go for a walk; the health will improve.
  3. Get rid of the addiction; the world will respect you.
  4. Reduce the expenses, and you will have a sound sleep.
  5. Work hard; the money problem will get over.
  6. See the Goodness of the world; Evil will run away.
  7. Focus on the Lord God; the complications will get solved.
  8. Obey parents and see that your life will be heaven on earth.

He also remembered about the Seven best Physicians of the world:

  • 1. Sun’s rays
  • 2. Sleep 6/8 hours daily.
  • 3. Pure Vegetarian food.
  • 4. Exercise Everyday
  • 5. Believe in oneself.
  • 6. Drinking water in sufficient quantity.
  • 7. A good friend (s).

Always, keep consulting these seven all these eminent Doctors; all your troubles will vanish.


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