1) Pushup Girl 2) First Ice Cream Cone

Pushup Girl:

In the US a North Carolina girl Kaylyn Mintz, 10 has beaten the soldiers in push ups in a friendly appearance program “Active Heros.”with the soldiers.

Her video has gone viral showing the competition with soldiers. Kaylyn is a reserve in the Junior Reserve Training Corps. She got honored for participating and winning. The video is highly impressive as both sides shown in the initial stages feel excited.

Later, the soldier is visually tired and stops, whereas she continues the pushups without a trace of fatigue. She is encouraged by the present soldiers.  The soldiers want to restart the pushups, but girl is declared the winner by the seniors.

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First Ice Cream Cone in St. Louis Exposition

Ice cream cone was seen in the famous St. Louis, Missouri, Exposition for the first time in 1904. Exhibition grounds spread over 1270 acres.
The show ran an extended period for months. On 22nd September 1904 a vendor ran short of dishes. The next shop a waffle manufacturer Ernest Hamwi got the idea of serving the ice cream in a waffle.  A great idea was born to serve the ice cream in a cone shaped edible waffle.

In this exhibition, there were more than 50 ice cream cones made by a group of people together.

Nobody knows who made the first cone. Many people claim that they were first to do so in the America.

Lebanese settler Abe Domar had manufactured the cone making machine after 1904, but the ice cream cone making machine got patent in 1920. License number: 1,342,045 issued June 1, 1920 Inventor: Ernest A. Hamwi

Today, the famed Joy ice Creme Cone Company of Hermitage, PA manufacture over 1.5 billion ice cream cones every year ( 2009)


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