Zuckerberg’s Post Hit on “Charlee”

The Founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg paid his condolences and expressed his sympathies for the Editor, Correspondents and Families of those killed in shooting at the office of French Satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo’s in Paris by terrorists..

He wrote that he is alive to the problem of the objectionable content in Facebook. There, are different kinds of info from all over the world, having different intentions.

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He wrote that he respected the law of each nation in the world. He had added that no country or an organization has the right to order or impose as to what or what not to share on the social network.

He said that he felt hurt because of the terrorists attack on Charlee Hebdo. He had felt the pangs of extremism. The terrorists want to silence the voice of the people wanting to express themselves. We will not allow such a thing on the Facebook. Facebook has committed to the policy of providing the service to all to voice their ideas without fear. He categorically stated that Facebook will not permit extremists to dictate or impose any conditions on the freedom of expression in the social network.

In his post in the Facebook, he mentioned the incident in which he had the life threat issued in Pakistan.

The Facebook policy stands to protect the expression of thought and will not hamper anyone to tell the world whatever they feel, even if it offends some other. The idea is not to impose any conditions.

The post got more than 268000 likes in barely six hours and got shared over 24500 times.


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