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Climate Change in bonn

23rd Bonn(Germany) climate change conference commenced on Monday, the of 6th Nov 2017 presided by Island nation Fiji. Twenty-five thousand people from 197 nations are attending this important get together.

Fizi being an Island have appealed to the World to save it from submerging underwater. Prime minister Bainimarama issued the appeal. The water level has seriously threatened their nation’s very survival due to the rise of sea level. It has happened due to global warming, which concerns all. The artists from that island country have requested and made emotional calls to the world community to save their culture and the country for the impending mishap and take precautions. The conference has been held on the banks of river Rhine on an open ground having a size equal to 8 football grounds in Bonn(Germany).

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There are many firsts in the meet.

  1. It will be a paperless get-together.
  2. An App provided to the participants by which they can make all sorts of inquiries and read papers about the conference.
  3. No Brochure (of paper) is published to show the commitment of the organizers for making an environment-friendly impression. The motto is to practice and not just preach to achieve aims.
  4. Food served will be 60% vegetarian. It was 30% in the last Paris Climate change Conference in 2015
  5. Use of clay pottery for Tea and coffee served – NO PAPER PLATES OR PLASTIC GLASSES.
  6. The conference to get conducted in tents and not buildings.


It is noteworthy to know the following points:

  • Germany will spend $123 million; the amount is more than any of previous such conferences.
  • The city of Bonn has reserved 9000 beds for the participating delegates for a month, where 600 volunteer organizations have put in their resources.
  • For drinking water, No plastic bottles have been used, but disposable containers were distributed to the guests so that they fill them from the water fountains.
  • For traversing between stalls, e-Buses or bicycles have been made available, provided.


Importance of the COP 23 (Conference of Parties – with ‘parties’ meaning the countries that ratified the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in 1992)

This gathering will notably explain the enabling structures that will make the understanding fully operational and the assistance needed for all nations to accomplish their climate change aims.

COP 23 will show the joint efforts between participating countries –and an outstanding show of collective efforts and is also an excellent example of the cooperation and collaboration between nations that will indeed reach the world atmosphere change challenge. Nearly all the governments(except the USA)  have come to COP 23 ready to work together to expedite implementation and take the essential next steps towards transformative development. The public and private sector leaders and each citizen to follow what happens at this year’s conference on the social media and the COP website and on social media to know how to initiate action. All countries must achieve the climate transition and sustainable development challenge; all must be empowered to participate. All nations have a part to play, and COP 23 will reflect light on both action underway and the many possible steps every individual and institution can take for moving forward.”

The negative aspect that bothers all is that the US has sent a low-level delegation led by career diplomat Thomas Shannon. The Trump administration has chosen to depart from the conference and complete the process by 2020. There are those who within the USA and the world feel strongly that singing out of treaty is not the more significant interest of the world as a whole. Losing money and jobs due to enormous investments for energy generation in coal and oil (fossil fuel) industries in the USA is a matter of concern but must be ignored. The USA has been told by European community leaders to change their stand.

The US has sent a low-level delegation led by career diplomat Thomas Shannon.The Trump administration has decided to withdraw from the conference and complete the process by 2020.


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