World’s Biggest Problem: The Robotic And Autonomous Weapons.

Robotic weapons with Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Autonomous weapons are the gifts of the modern times. Such weapons have been made that once armed or put on watch they will be difficult to control. Especially those working with artificial intelligence that have chemical weapons deployed on them.

The drone technique is included in it. The drone camera is used for coverage,  spying purposes, and to carry out the robotic attack. The Increased volume of such attacks will prove to be disastrous for the world. Because a stage would be reached where they can not be stopped anymore.  Such a fear has been expressed by over a thousand scientists. The famous scientist Stephen Hawking and Apples ‘s Steev Vojniyak, Elon Musk and —along with public intellectuals such as Noam Chomsky and Daniel Dennett are amongst these wizards. They have issued an open letter stating that such robotics carrying the dangerous weapon like drones are so ferocious that they attack immediately right on the identification of the target. The Future of Life Institute released a letter signed by some 1,500 artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and technology researchers. The letter called for an international ban on offensive autonomous weapons, which could target and fire weapons without meaningful human control.


Photo Source: Scientific American

General public and the consultants have expressed their reservation about the artificial intelligence( AI) based robotics  can go out of the control of man at any time.This has been shown in the Terminator films. Very severe and stringiest test standards must be maintained.The benefits of the artificially Intelligent devices can prove to be highly beneficial in the warlike operations.

Open letter have been issued by the specialists and include scientists dealing with the manufacture of Chemical and biological weapons, Nuclear missile  and blinding laser producers. It is a well-known fact that these precision robotic weapons are deaf, mute and silent. Mainly once armed, such weapons  are not controllable. The capacity to modify or  reforming of such robotic weapons is less than the smartphones.

Their expensive cameras and sensors can recognize the elderly, the kids or even the animals. It will be good if AI device  can learn and recognize the human in uniform with weapons. Such device should also learn to target the military vehicles instead only the civilian vehicles.  So far such AI devices are like offensive weapons. AI enabled drone helicopters have the capacity to fight better and accurately than the humans. On the battlefield, a soldier can use AI device to give the return and continuous fire to save his or a mate’s life.

On the contrary, it may be realized that such machine do not get emotional or excited as AI device cannot be taught to hate or love anyone. They are free of hate and prejudice. The AI device will not disobey or knowingly or  cannot be taught how and when to protect oneself. Philosopher B J  Strauss has stressed that the man is not perfect and if AI weapon device system can  work better than human in the dangerous condition, then they should be employed so. Today humans and technology are equally effective. The technology should be tested prior to the use. One thing is certain the AI weapons can not be banned  or controlled totally. The Ai devices are not as expensive as Rocket science. They can be made available  at any time and place.

The need of the hour is to declare that AI weapons are defective and international standards must be employed for their production. They must be supervised and controlled during production and after employment. Such conditions must be searched whereby the world is more of harmonious place to live in. The world should not get pushed in movies like the Terminator.

Once armed, such chemical, and biological weapons.  For their sad results the intelligentsia of the world issued an open letter, they have asked to ban robotic weapons manufacturing. These weapons are not only dangerous for the man but humanity at large.There is an immediate need to make an international agreement, where the manufacture of independent weapons gets stopped before the world’s security, is in danger.

We must continue to demand that of our leaders and policy makers work together with other nations to preempt the threats posed by autonomous weapons by banning their development and use, before we witness the mass destruction they threaten to bring.Via


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