There are four different Pranayam as per Yoga Philosophy (Darshan )

Bahayavarti: Step by step as under:

  1. The technique involved is to exhale all air forcefully.
  2. Contract  anus & urethra  muscles up ( moolbandh),  pull stomach muscle (uddayan bandh) contract so much that stomach moves as close as possible to the vertebra, and then Pull throat & chin muscles, move the chin to the throat and hold breath as long as possible  (Jalandhar bandh)
  3. To resume breathing, slacken the muscles(bandhs)  in reverse order of throat, stomach & anus.
  4. Breath in and then without stopping exhale totally as earlier. repeat it 5, or 7  or 9  oddly up to 21 times to your capacity.
This pranayam is harmless & makes the mind still while  you are undergoing the process sincerely. The mind becomes alert & sharp. Over a period of time with variation from a few days to months, the body is cleansed. All the stomach diseases get over gradually as the digestive system is toned & starts working properly & normally. The benefit is apparent as early as the first day in most of the cases.
Abhyantar Viriti Pranayam:
  1. Sit comfortable either cross legged  or on a chair with eyes closed & full breath in with the lower stomach pulled in. Now make mool band & Jalandar bandh.
  2. Retain the breath inside to your capacity. Remove the bandh very slowly while breathing out easily.
All the lung related diseases get over specifically the asthma. The Body becomes healthy & powerful full of vigour.
One can experience the stillness, calmness of mind so much that the breathing assumes the status of non entity. One has to wait after each inhalation & exhalation so that breathing process is imperceptible.
Bahyantar vishayakshepi:
In this system the in going & out going breaths are held for sometime. This is placing both inhaled & exhaled breath together thus controlling the mind & the sensory organs. The intellect is sharpened which in turn makes it possible to grasp the complex & little derails of every thing & explain to the others.


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