A look at the Beard in the Past and Now


It is a hot trend to keep a beard nowadays. Recently it has been found in researches that chances for catching a cold reduce significantly. Here we have given some benefits of growing beard.

1. 95% of the Ultraviolet rays get blocked by the beard. Thus, no sunscreen is needed. The chance of getting cancer gets eliminated. Therefore, it is better to have a thicker beard.

2. Supporting beard is advantageous if one is allergic to dust or pollen grains. The beard works as a filter as in the case of nasal hair for the breathing.

3. Dry skin problem gets eliminated as the surrounding skin remains moisturized thus preventing wrinkles formation on the face and throat. The cold wind stays away from because of the shelter of the beard. 

4. The beard covers the facial skin thereby hiding the age as the skin does not get exposed to the eye.  Those who do not support the bead are vulnerable to skin tanning. It is a popular belief that one looks younger by maintaining a shaved face whereas the reverse is the truth as per the experts in men’s grooming.

5. By supporting a beard in the winter season, the body heat gets preserved. For this reason,  the risk of catching a cold gets diminished. The larger the beard, the better is the insulation. 

6. The bacterial infection remains at bay. We do not have to worry or fear any disease as more such infection get caused because of regular shaved off the face. 


Maintaining a beard needs a lot of care, it is only then it gives the above-given rewards. Having a beard can be an illustration of freedom, but it’s also an undertaking. Initially, there is an awkward feeling of something itchy, but gradually you overcome it. Allow it to grow for a few of months before giving it a shape. Not everyone can grow a beard, only when you are satisfied, take the step of developing it.


Photo source: iskinnewyork.com


Photo source: iskinnewyork.com


Taking Care of the Grown Beard

Now you’ve your beard. How do you take care of it? To keep the beard for an extended period always shampoo it having a conditioner so that hair do not get brittle. Using a bar must be avoided as it dries out the skin. Heavy duty conditioner helps in keeping hair a bit soft. Otherwise, the hair may turn out to be wiry. If you can use a conditioner, that is of leave-in type. You do not have to rinse out. SeemalR Desai, a Dermatologist of University of Southwestern Medical Center, recommends using the noncomedogenic product for the beard so that skin pores under the bear does not get clogged. Trim the beard every two months or so unless you want to shape it. In that case, cut every 2/3 weeks. Shape your beard by using scissors and comb otherwise an electric trimmer for the edge of the beard. To have a healthy looking beard, you need to have a well-balanced diet and maintain a healthy physical exercise and keep a regular sleep habit. Vitamin B complex strengthens the hair.


Do women prefer bearded men or the clean shave Ones?

As per the famous magazine ‘Psychology Today’ When it comes to an attractive sex partner the women go for men with a facial stubble, but they believe that bearded men prove to be good, having the fathering capability. Looking from men’s point of view he should ask the preference of the woman he wants to be with and the sort of relationship he wants to build up. The masculine stubble on the cheeks will add to his attractiveness and of course,  excellent dressing up and remaining well groomed. It is needless to add gentle touching and appropriate topics to talk are the added advantages.


Beard in Different parts of the world. 

Beard is liked and disliked as per the culture one is brought up. In Caucasians and the Ainu, the populations have much hair grown and especially the beard. Men having beards are thought more virile. Sikhs from India have the beard have primarily to keep the beard as a sign of being devout and God fearing. People from far east and indigenous Americans and some East Asian have less facial hair or the beard. In their areas, beards are believed to be kept by savages and therefore primitive people.

The Christian and Muslim, Jews, Greek philosophers, apostles and Hindu sages were considered to be bearded.

All in all, today the beard goes in out of fashion at different times.


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