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Old Train

The Arctic border Lapland Area next to Sweden where the Active North group works for the environmental protection of the area. This groups’ members have given a message for health tourism in the area with the performance of Yoga in the Lapland( northern Sweden). The three modes 1)  Environment  2)  Health  3) Yoga get together to promote tourism in the area. One of the group’s members says that they performed the Yoga because the fresh air of the Lapland is good for the health. Beside this place, the group has a class in three different locations for the participation of as many people as possible.- Rebecca Bork of the group added that with meditation, exercise and Yoga have an altogether a different kind of charm and experience for the participants. Even in minus nineteen degree Celsius of the temperature you do not feel or get the awareness of such a low temperature. 

Photo Source: Dainik Bhaskar

The people are excited for the Romantic to travel by 141 years old train.

Each British citizen wishes to go and experience the most famous rail journey by the Settle–Carlisle train. The reason is the beauty involved. The train runs through 115 kilometers through 14 tunnels and 20 large bridges. A few months earlier because of the landslide,  the service got interrupted.Just a few days earlier the service is resumed using the new Tornado engine.

Photo Source: Dainik Bhaskar

In past three days, there were more than 500 enthusiast passengers so that the traveling tickets were not easily available. Hundreds of people wanted to travel on the valentine day and enquired for the from the Northern Railway.The director of the Northern Railway said it was a matter of pride and happiness that even today people remain eager and earnest to travel on the train. It is the first train powered by steam that runs on time for the last five decades. The train service for the passengers is 141 years old.


Stimulant Gesture:

A woman in Northern Ireland is in news and much in the news. She found a rare five-pound note in a city called Aniskiln a few days earlier. Only Four such banknotes were printed in the UK and were given the finishing touch by gold work, depicting the face of the 18th-century novelist Jane Austen, beside this below the title of Bank of England, a figure of the British MP Winston Churchill.The engravings of Jane Austen will only be visible under a certain light.

Tiny portraiture of author Jane Austen got attached to four of the new £5 notes by micro-engraver Graham Short, and if you’ve found one, it could be worth £50,000. The series of the notes had the following serial numbers and engraved quotes.

Image source:

  1. AM32 885551 “If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more.” – Emma
  2. AM32 885552 “To be fond of dancing was a certain step towards falling in love.” – Pride and Prejudice
  3. AM32 885553 “A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of.” – Mansfield Park
  4. AM32 885554 “I hope I never ridicule what is wise or good.” – Pride and Prejudice – Via

She donated the note to as charity saying that she knew that it would fetch much higher money if put for the auction. All she wanted that the youth welfare will get some boost from her gift and wish.

In December 2016 the first note was found in a Cafe of  South Wales. The second got discovered within a Christmas Card. The third in a restaurant and now the fourth got the public attention.

Watch here the video showing the details of the notes issued


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