Coconut Oil Uses | Why and how can it improve your health

Coconut oil uses have served the humanity for ages. It is handy when used as a cooking medium that raises the digestion and stimulates the immune system against many ailments and disorders.

It is taken as a beauty aid for hair and skin care and restores health by reducing weight if required. It is not unusual that coconut oil when used in a non-refined and the pure state, it is more powerful. Here we are writing about its applications linking to health, beauty, and domestic purposes.


As a Health Medium:

  1. Healthfullest people in the world, located in the South Pacific islands of Tokelauans and Kitavans. They have no heart difficulties whatsoever but get 60% of their calories from Coconut oil. Other vegetable oils turn harmful as they get oxidized on heating. Thus, they become unhealthy as they start to smell and get disagreeable in flavor. It is not accurate in the case of coconut oil.
  2. The MCT (medium chain triglycerides) in Coconut oil consumes more calories (fats) when analyzed with other oils because other oils become harmful and achieve lower value CT on use. Research conducted on humans, and at the laboratory, level shows that coconut oil decreased the total and LDL cholesterol and additionally raised HDL (the good) cholesterol.
  3. The coconut oil has antimicrobial, antioxidant, and antifungal properties that add to overall wellness. Coconut oil has been given an offensive impression in the recent past because it contains saturated fat. It is controversial because, in its use, the good cholesterol increases and the LDL (bad cholesterol) decreases.
  4. Coconut oil contains a lot of common MCTS, which are metabolized uniquely and can have therapeutic effects on several brain disorders. In the pharmaceutical field, it is confirmed that the coconut oil has fatty acids (lauric acid, capric acid, and caprylic acid) that have great healing features. The fatty acids control the dangerous yeast Candida Albicans that induces severe swelling in the stomach. They warrant that the yeast makes no cracking of inside and outside skin.
  5. The coconut oil forms a shielding chemical film and defends the skin from virus, fungi, air or dust; bacteria thus expedites up the healing process of damaged tissues.
  6. Coconut oil path takes it right to the liver from the esophagus (digestive tract) and get used as the speedy source of energy, converted into ketones and have supporting effect to regulate the brain ailments like Alzheimer’s and Epilepsy and the healing effects on many brain diseases. As per Coconut Research Center, coconut oil destroys the virus-producing measles SARS, herpes, and hepatitis and other risks of disorders.
  7. The coconut oil controls diseases mildly; Diabetes, Stress, bones,
  8. It is employed as a carrier oil for other oils submerged in it without changing their restorative characteristics and also does not get spoiled under any circumstances.


As an incredible Beauty Aid: 

  1. The coconut oil has multi-faceted advantages even when not absorbed as food. It acts as an excellent moisturizer when used on the face thus keeping the skin soft and shining. When used as a sunscreen lotion, approx. 20% of the Ultraviolet rays get blocked therefore it acts as a protective screen against skin cancer. It is the most cost-effective cream when confronted with the other chemically made lotions accessible in the market. It is necessary to note that the coconut oil is most profitable and least in producing any side results.  As the molecular weight of the coconut is less when correlated to other lotions, it enters the skin immediately and improves and rebuilds the cells of the skin. The skin inflammation gets controlled and rebuilds the hydration needed by the skin by the fatty acids.
  2. The dental health by ‘oil pulling’ process improves oral health by eliminating plaque accumulated on the teeth and prevents bad breath as the harmful bacteria get destroyed. It is known that Coconut oil is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal. It needs to be shown scientifically and possibly fights cancer. It is recognized that coconut oil can save one from many infections, and can destroy the insects. The viruses get constrained, and the absorb all nutrients. Its use has no indirect effects.


As a Weight Control Measure:

As per the studies carried out on inhabitants having coconut oil as their primary source of food and cooking medium have reduced appetite influence –  the fatty acid contents in the coconut oil bring forth this quality of reduced hunger resulting in attaining lesser body weight. The fatty acids in coconut oil can appreciably diminish hunger, which may inevitably change body weight over the long term. It is noteworthy that coconut oil burns more calories and decreases the appetite resulting in weight reduction.


American Heart Association (AMA) Caution Against the coconut oil.

American Heart Association’s lead scientist Frank Sacks warned that the Coconut oil is not so safe. He added coconut oil could be used as a moisturizer at the most, but not as the cooking base as the saturated fats in the coconut oil is comparatively more than in other saturated fats of palm oil, beef fat or the butter.

Coconut oil has a reputation as the solution of health enthusiasts, but it may not be as reliable as people think. In a paper released he points out that Coconut is proportionately worst as the other saturated fats of oils. As a precaution, American Heart Association has advised cautionary approach on saturated fats when using the coconut oil. The released report points out not to use coconut oil as a cooking medium.

In all the seven out of seven trials coconut oil had 82% UNSATURATED FAT, butter had 63% and beef fat 50%. It advised using unsaturated fat of olive oil or the sunflower oil instead.

Read more about AMA and coconut oil


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