The must-know items for traveling whilst pregnant

traveling whilst pregnant

Whether it is to visit family who live many miles away, or if it’s just to squeeze in a last-minute holiday before your new arrival, flying whilst pregnant certainly isn’t something which is unheard of. On the contrary, thousands of women do it every year – although there are some guidelines that you should consider.

Naturally, there are official routes you should be turning to as well; namely, your medical practitioner. However, in terms of general advice at least, let’s mull over some of the best suggestions you should take into account if you are thinking about flying while pregnant.

traveling whilst pregnantFirst: are you allowed to travel?

Unfortunately, this first guideline has a whole host of different strings attached. The guidance can vary between countries, but in general you are not advised to travel beyond 28 weeks. There can also be risks during your first trimester, while if you are awaiting twins these requirements can be even stricter.

In general, you will be fine to travel during your second trimester though.

Travel insurance is even more important

Travel insurance is important at the best of times, but when you are pregnant a whole host of other risks enter the picture. These can relate directly to the pregnancy, while they might just be because your body is more susceptible to other problems. Therefore it might be advisable to do a quick search on travel insurance for medical conditions. This might help you find the most suitable travel insurance provider before you travel.

Now might be the time to go business class

Again, this next tip will largely depend on just when you are traveling. If you are flying relatively early on in your pregnancy, standard class might suffice. However, as soon as the weeks start to tick by, now should be the occasion you consider premium economy or business. That little bit of extra legroom, or the fact that you can manipulate into a number of positions (namely lying flat on your back) can be hugely significant and make life a lot more comfortable.

Safeguard yourself against viruses

As we all know, planes do not form the cleanest environment. There are germs flying around everywhere and for the pregnant woman, where you suddenly become more susceptible to illnesses, the risks of you picking up one of these bugs suddenly multiplies.

Unfortunately, there is little you can do to make the environment cleaner. You can add layers of protection to yourself though; simply arming yourself with hand sanitizer, or anti-bacteria wipes, can go a long way and minimize the risks.

Travel in sensible clothing

Finally, now is not the time to look fashionable when flying. Sure, it might have been a thing some years ago, but in the present time it’s all about feeling comfortable. Tight fitting clothes just aren’t going to work here, you need something that’s completely loose and allow you to move freely. Let’s not forget that you are going to be stationary for hours on end, so try and turn to materials that are flexible and just feel good on your body.

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