See How to Improve Health by Using Plants

Medicinal plants in home garden improve health is a fact known to those who understand. These plants enhance family nutrition status and also prevent expensive medicines from purchasing. Putting medicinal plants along with decorative plants at home enhances the understanding and the value of such plants.

Nature has provided us with the trees and plants as our companions, but we have forgotten their importance. Plants were grown in the home garden help us to control many types of diseases. Excluding a few exceptions, the fresher Ayurvedic medicines are more effective. Here we are providing information on some of the vital medicinal plants planted at home.

Lemon Basil

It is known as lemon smelling Basil. There is an essential chemical element citral found in Lemon Basil. Lemon Basil gets used in good measure in soup, vegetable, stew, and fried recipes. Its leaves get used in lemon tea.

Lemon Basil: Source: Pixabay

Lemon basil leaves get eaten with and as the salad in the raw form.


Tulsi’s (Basil) botanical name is Ocimum sanctum. Usually, two kinds of Tulsis are available in homes. One’s name the ” Sri Tulsi having green leaves, and the second one is known as a Sri Krishna Tulsi having green and somewhat reddish brown.

Photo Source: Basil or Tulsi

As Per Ayurved, each part of Tulsi is beneficial in some way or another. The root of Tulsi, branches, leaves, the seeds, have their significance. The juice of the leaves are known to cure fever, cough, bronchitis, digestion problems get solved and relieve the sickness. Skin diseases get cured by Tulsi. The acne gets removed by it, and the face starts to get clear of blemishes.

Aloe Vera

They are known by regional names like Gwar Patha or Quar Gandha or Ghrat Kumari. It has no stem or trunk or a mini stem. :

Photo source: Wikipedia.

The plant is distinctly fleshy and succulent and beneficial in treating skin diseases such as Gas, cancer, the large intestine disease, vaginal disease, constipation or joint’s pain. On applying the Aloe Vera gel, the sunburn is least affecting. Torn heel or the cracked heels get healed pretty soon.


Also known as Amrita or Tinospora Cordifolia. Its parameters of treatment include blood-related deficiencies, jaundice, sugar, anaemia, digestive disorders, dengue, cough, skin diseases, cold, stomach disorders, chest congestion, pain in joints, and hunger enhancer. The plant is used to treat for urine and joint pain related diseases.

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The plant gets used as an organic medicine. Giloy is beneficial in all types of fevers, heart and liver-related illnesses and also in joints pain. Because of its medicinal benefits, giloy works as of triangular sedative. Giloy is the best medicine for the whole body rejuvenation

Medicinal plants for the home

Bhumi Amla (Phyllanthus Niruri ) Ashwagandha, peppermint, Small pipli, sarpgandha, Gurmar, Shatavari, Shankhpushpi, Bahrami, Lemongrass, adrak, Haldi, McCoy, rosemary, Thayam, Insulin Plant, Stevia, these are all medicinal plants and can get ingrown in the home garden.

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Explain to friends, relations, and neighbours about these medicinal plants. They can be presented as seeds, sapling or as plants. In Indian culture plants exchange isthoughtt to be a good present.


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