Do you see the fantastic Advantages of Coconut Water?

Each coconut contains between 200 to 1000 mls of the water good enough for 1 to 4 cups. It is a tasty and low-calorie value natural drink. It may be noted that young, tender coconut water contains more nutrients and is more beneficial than mature coconut water.

It is recommended to have a few cups of fresh & tender coconut water daily to reap the maximum benefits. One shall be getting micronutrients that ensure to keep your immune system in good working order. Anti-aging and anti-cancer effects remain at the top of the order along with antithrombic plus anti-cancer effects.

One gets the maximum health benefits by having the water from the tender coconut and not from the bottled coconut water readily available. To add to your know-how of the nut water other pluses one gets are that coconut water has zinc, manganese, magnesium potassium, calcium and B-complex vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and it remains antioxidant.

Following are the salient benefits of the coconut water:-

1. Heart Tonic: A study in 2012 published in the Journal of Medicinal Food affirms that as the tender Coconut water lessens the risk of heart disease. It is cholesterol and fat-free, the coconut water tends to lower the LDL (low-density lipoprotein), VLDL and control the increase of triglycerides while enhancing the HDL (high-density lipoprotein).

The blood circulation improves as the coconut water has the qualities of antiplatelets, antioxidant and is anti-inflammatory. The arteries get lesser plaque deposits so that the blockages do not form and arteries remain free.

2. Relieves Hangovers

It is startling to know that Coconut water counters the hangovers. It is common knowledge that alcohol dehydrates and expels the electrolyte of the body. The coconut water is the antidote and replenishes the electrolyte and the water of the body, causing it to balance the water as needed. The aftermath of the morning sickness due to overindulgence of alcohol is controlled effectively and enhance the electrolyte and restore the hydration to make the person normal in due course.

Coconut water is an excellent natural remedy for treating hangovers. One may experience headaches, dizziness, sinking like heartburn feeling or sleepy and wanting to have water and remain confused after rather a heavy drinking the night before. Having coconut water solves the problems to a great extent.

 Having alcoholic beverages, the hydration of the body dives and results in weakness and dehydration. Here the coconut water rescues by giving electrolytes to the body and improvs the feeling of recovery. The acidity lessens and improves since the coconut water has antioxidants as a natural drink and fights the oxidative stress provided by alcohol. One can overcome oxidative stress due to excessive alcohol and do away acidity by taking the drink mentioned below.

 A better alternative of the drink is by adding mango pulp, lemon juice and two sprigs of fresh mint in a bit of crushed ice. It would help if you made a delicious drink by mixing 2 cups each of tender coconut water and fully matured 2 mangoes, add 20 ml of lemon juice, along with two fresh mint sprigs and ½ cup of crushed ice.

3.Ensures Weight Loss

Coconut water has so many pluses that make it a favorite drink for those in show business. It has potassium that balances out the excessive sodium. Sodium helps to retain water in the body, whereas the coconut water ensures weight reduction, which means extra water weight is shed from the body. That is why coconut water is most suitable to lose weight. It has low calories and always stomach-friendly. The bioactive enzymes help in digestion of food and prop up fat metabolism and drive out toxins from the body.

4. Headaches get tackled easily

It is well known that coconut water has enriched magnesium that treats migraines and also the electrolyte tackles dehydration, this, in turn, reduces the headache. Many studies depict that the migraine attacks are reduced substantially as the hydration gets raised on having the coconut water. 

5. Blood pressure Lowered

Coconut water solves the day to day issues for those having diabetes. It also helps with problems faced by diabetics such as urination and managing weight. Numbness of feet get reduced, and a tendency to develop atherosclerosis reduces by having a regular intake of coconut water. The blood circulation improves substantially. 

In the scientific analysis published in Food and Function Journal 2012, it got established that favorable and useful results were found in the case of mature coconut water. It lowers the level of blood glucose and oxidative stress. 

It got definite positive results in the case of people having diabetes because the coconut water has amino acids and dietary fibers that help in checking to regulate and improving insulin sensitivity and adjust blood sugar level.

 Additionally, it alkalizes and helps in correcting an invigorating alkaline pH level in the human body. The acidity and heartburn caused by acidic pH levels get neutralized by turning to alkalize with the intake of coconut water. It is better to turn to take coconut water so that unhealthy acidic pH levels due to processed fast foods like pizzas or macaroni that add to stress and toxic load and contribute to low energy and decrease the absorption of minerals and vitamins.

6. Blood Sugar Contol

Amino acids present along the dietary fiber ensure to improve the sensitivity of insulin.

The therapeutic benefits details of the mature coconut water help to lessen blood glucose and also reduce the oxidative stress, as given in the Journal Food and Function in 2012.  It helps manage your weight, helps improve blood circulation.

7. Natural Diuretic

It is of utmost important not to take coconut water in case of any malfunction of kidneys and also if the potassium level remains high. 

 It is recommended to take once or twice in a day the coconut water with a pinch of sea salt in a cup of coconut water to ensure its positive results. Coconut water has diuretic properties, besides, it destroys the bacteria and naturally fights any bladder infection.

Coconut water acts as a natural diuretic. Thus, it promotes urine production and the way it flows. It cleans the body by throwing away toxins. The infections of the urinary tract get treated on regular intake of the coconut water because of much percentage of potassium thereby alkalizes urine and dissolving certain types of kidney stones if any and finally flushing out from the body.

8. Slows Down Aging

Regular application of sandalwood powder paste prepared in coconut water and taken off after drying and then rinsing with water nourishes and makes the skin look much younger. Cytokinins content in the water of the young and green coconut tones down the age-related skin disorder like wrinkle or loose skin, skin dryness and gives a soft and smooth face and body surfaces.

Caution: When suffering from nut-allergies, coconut water may react to make the stomach upset for some. Experience shows to stop taking coconut water 14 days prior, after and during surgery as may affect the way to control blood pressure. Consult the doctor for those having any kidney disease before intake of the coconut water.

I request you all if you know someone who is suffering from cancer and is tired of getting his treatment done.

 Dr. Rajendra A. of TATA Memorial Hospital Badway insisted that if everyone who gets this article forward ten copies to others, will undoubtedly survive at least one life back

  *Hot coconut water can save your life from cancer. Hot coconut water kills Cancer Cells.

 *Cut 2 to 3 thin coconut pieces in a cup, add warm water, gently and then it will become “alkaline water”, drink every day, it is suitable for anyone. *

 * Hot coconut water releases an anti-cancer substance, which is the latest advancement in the effective treatment of cancer in the medical field. *

  • Hot coconut juice affects ulcers and tumors and proven to prevent all types of cancer. *

 * This treatment is with coconut extract, while it destroys malignant cells, it does not affect healthy cells. *


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