Tone- Up with Tread Mill

Now we get you a new tread mill plan to blast 300- plus calories and work on your lower body from each and every angle with this 30 minutes routine without being bored.

Here we are giving you a very new technique to tackle your most stubborn problem and add the variety to that treadmill session. You need to walk backwards and your hamstrings and glutes will work harder as compared to what they did when you walk forward. By moving sideways, you will target your inner and outer thighs. This plan is a combination of both motions with those of jogging intervals, a strength move, and hill climbs for fat torching workout that will also sculpts muscle.

By this plan you will definitely strengthen your legs, abs, and butt with burning more calories that you would have burned at a moderate pace with no incline. The burning calories would be 60 percent more than what you did before.

Your workout plan

Workout intensity  moderately hard

Equipment needed  a treadmill and a 3- to 6- pound ball

Total time  30 minutes

Calories burned  240- 300 (depending on the speed)

Rate of perceived exertion chart is given below for consideration.

As mentioned in the workout plan the Lunge Twist which you can be done as the instructions are given below. For this move you need to stash a weighted ball beside the treadmill and squeeze in some sculpting.

Firstly pause the treadmill and stand on the floor. Hold the weighted ball in front of your chest and elbows out to sides. Now lunge to the left and rotate the torso to the left as we can see in the image A.

Now Extend your left leg as you bend your right knee and twist the torso to the right as shown in the image B. Now continue lunging from side to side for about 1 minute.

What does rate of perceived exertion (RPE) means?

RPE is used for gauging your intensity in cardio workouts. Here is what the numbers in our fitness indicates.

RPE 1- 2    Very easy, you can converse with no effort

RPE 3         Easy, you can converse with almost no effort

RPE 4         Moderately easy, you can converse comfortably with a little effort

RPE 5         Moderately, it requires some effort

RPE 6         Moderately hard, it requires quite a bit of effort

RPE 7         Difficult, it requires a lot of effort

RPE 8         Very difficult, it requires maximum effort

RPE 9- 10  Peak effort, no- talking zone.


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