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To be fit, we do need a personal trainer, but every time its not easy to hire a personal trainer. So here we are giving you the most fabulous tips to to get a fit body. Sometimes its like, we can not justify the cost of the trainers. But that does not mean that we would not be able to do the work out and make our body fit. As here we are giving you the best tips and secrets of the what the trainers make you do, so as to do it at home without any extra expense. So now you don’t have to spend extra for getting a fit body of your own.

So here is a set plan for you and get your 5 a day from veg rather than fruit. The only golden rule is to vary your routine, don’t keep the same routine change it to get the best results. Make plank your friend, if you need to a flat stomach much faster.

1. Get Focused

We set or aim for too many goals at once which is the biggest mistake which we make. Most of us wants to shift half a stone, demolish bingo wings ad train for a 10 K run. But what you really need is to prioritize on one goal and put all your energy, will power to complete the task. By focusing on one thing will definitely give you tangible results from your first day and it will help you to keep the momentum. So to stay focused you have to make a big vision board. You can try by putting a pin board anywhere at your place which is being seen by you every day and cover the board with motivating photographs and inspiring quotations. You can also use Pinterest, to check it easily on your phone when ever you need to be motivated or when you need a kick start.

Quick fix: You can use the red dot stickers to remind you of what healthy changes you have made in your routine. Like you can put the red dot on coffee so as to be reminded and it will prompt you to have green tea instead of coffee.

2. Smart snack

If your goal is to loose weight, then don’t over do the fruit. As most of us try to loose weight by eating the food which has the highest natural sugar. The insulin reaction which is caused by sugar is triggered whether you are eating a biscuit or a banana and it leads to the process of storing energy in fat cells. So it is advised to get the majority of your calories from protein such as lean meat, and healthy fasts like oily fish, avocados, nuts and seeds. So limit your fruit to just one piece a day and get the other four of your five a day servings from non- starchy veg food.

Quick fix: You should have a daily dose of essential fats, as it will boost up your body’s ability to work out in the gym. So we suggest you to blitz up some mixed seeds and sprinkle a spoonful on your morning porridge.

3. Mix it all up

Mostly you go to gym and repeat the same cycle of exercises week after week and wonder why you are not getting the results. Its as simple as that you need to mix up and change your routine from time to time. So you should always plan training in cycles to keep challenging your body so as to get good results. So step one is to build endurance by gradually increasing the time you run. You can use the Swiss ball for postural strength. After doing this routine for a week then next week work on the functional strength and endurance with kettle bells, weights, uphill runs and a longer interval sessions. The third step will be for intervals in speed and power, moving on to a high- intensity workout then take a recovery week before repeating it all again. We would recommend that you should vary your routine within week and incorporate long but slow cardio sessions with short, fast intervals and weights to tone your body and build strength.

Quick fix: You can try super sets that means two exercise back to back so as to burn more calories. For example, you can do eight repeats of standing biceps curls, followed by eight repeats of tricep dips and repeat it four times.

4. Proper recover

As each and every athlete knows that to get results you need to recover and rest and reduce the risk of injuries. But recover and rest does not mean lying down on a sofa and watching television. It means that you need to treat tired muscles, so that they are ready to take the next challenge, proving your gym habit against dodgy knees or a tight back. So the top recovery kit is the foam roller. Research shows that a foam roller reduces muscle tension without affecting your workout, so you will definitely found one in your gym. Lie the foam roller on the floor and now roll your muscle slowly along it, by applying pressure using your body weight. Do a very small back and forth movements for 30 to 60 seconds when you find a sore spot.

Quick fix: Always have a recovery drink after having a long and hard workout. You can add 3 tsp of Nesquik powder to 250 ml of skimmed milk for the perfect ration of carbs to protein.

5. Ditch sit- ups

Even if you do hundreds of sit- ups, you will not get a flat stomach. So for killer abs, you need to train on the trusty plank. Hold the plank for 60 seconds, then move your weight onto your right arm and lift into an oblique plank, your body facing left, for 30 seconds. Now return to the position of holding your plank for 30 seconds, then try the left oblique plank for another 30 seconds. Then again go back to holding the regular plank for a minute. This works your stomach and back muscles, and give you a great posture and definition.

Quick fix: Sometimes to engage your core just imagine someone about to punch your stomach. Tense it firmly to brace your back and abs.



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  1. A foam roller is cylindrical device constructed from dense foam. Originally, athletes used foam rollers to compress and massage very specific areas of muscle tension and pain. These areas, called trigger points (or more commonly known as a knot) develop over time and must be untangled to recover muscle to its original length. A muscular knot is a muscle that’s tangled-up in the fascia of our skin. Regular massage of trigger points sends signals to the brain to start a process called myofascial release, which frees your muscle from your surrounding fascia…

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