Harmful Facts About the Refined Sugar


Tooth Decay: Every Dental Association is passing resolution condemning white refined sugar, as tooth’s worst enemy. Dental doctors are all one in insisting that their patients especially children must not take too much sugar. Dental cream manufactures are starting campaigns now and then to educate people especially young children about dental care. They clearly indicate and insist upon that White refined sugar be avoided by children.

2.THE CALCIUM-PHOSPHATE BALANCE: White refined sugar disturbs the balance of  two important minerals viz.. calcium and phosphorus in our body and blood. The normal ratio  is 21/ 2 to 1. Due to white refined sugar the quantity of calcium is reduced and this unbalance causes a number of diseases. These diseases are arthritis, polio, cancer other degenerative and toxic-deposit diseases.

3.B-COMPLEX  VITAMIN DEFICIENCY: White refined sugar is completely devoid of-vitamins but it also needs vitamins for its digestion—B-complex must be present in the digestive tract. The digestive tract has to steal it from, other parts of the body or from other items of food taken. This naturally results in B-complex Vitamin deficiency. The result is felt in a number of ways – skin troubles, mouth disorders, constipation, heart trouble, coiltis, digestive troubles and diseases of the nerves( The worst being nervousness  or nervous breakdown). These diseases of the nerves can even lead persons to mental hospital. Some persons in USA and Europe  are very  vocal  in  asserting that this  the cause for the increase of diseases involving the nerves and the increase of the number of patients in the mental hospitals. This may well be the reason for the demand of online psychiatrists throughout the developed countries. Statistics reveal one more thing–the greater is the consumption per head of refined white sugar the more sick is the nation. Fresh Vegetables

Note: It is a fact that many use refined white sugar. It can be no excuse. They have to pay the penalty. All those break the natural law and have to pay the penalty. One more thing, by the way, since a very Large number of persons including Doctors , food experts,Professors, Research workers smoke lakhs of cigarettes every minute does it make SMOKING NON INJURIOUS ?? No, the Doctors of USA, UK, USSR,  INDIA are all one in their findings that smoking is injurious tho health. Similar is the craze regarding the use of refined sugar. In some countries increase in the per head consumption of Sugar has become a status symbol.  With this increase there is the increase in the number of patients also. Is refined white sugar really responsible for it? Let us carry out our experiments in this field and arrive at the correct facts and data to our satisfaction. Just leave sugar and try it for yourself.  Be guided by the results of your own experiments.

4.LOW BLOOD SUGAR: High blood sugar results in diabetes. The opposite is low blood sugar which results in fatigue, restlessness, dizziness, migraine, asthma, nervousness. During digestion sugar and starch are broken down into simple sugars in the intestine from where they go to the liver.  In the liver they are changed to glycogen and released gradually into the blood stream or stored for future use.  After a meal high in the refined sugar or refined starch, the level of glycogen in the blood rises rapidly much too high. Then it falls, just as rapidly rather than remaining at the reasonable level. People who eat lot of refined sugar do not have enough  glycogen in their liver to keep the blood sugar  level normal for long.


1. Since honey, molasses, palm Gur, Neera ( Fresh Copra water) , Sugar cane juice, Gur, contain minerals and Vitamins besides sugar, can they be taken ? Yes. they can be taken, but in small quantities only

2. Can we take glucose or items containing  glucose?  ” No,  because it is also a purified sugar hence devoid of minerals, vitamins and enzymes.

3. We should remember that all starchy foods ( carbohydrates)  are first converted  into sugar. Then this sugar is digested and assimilated by our body.

4. Refined white sugar is refined white sugar no matter whether it is in the form of crystalline white sugar or finely powdered sugar or in the form of sweets and other such preparations or a bottled drink ( syrup, squash, soft drink etc) or canned and preserved preparation( jam, jelly, murabba  etc,)

5.Raisers of livestock feed their animals on the best possible food. But they never give them white refined sugar. Yet strangely enough they feed themselves their wives and children with white refined sugar, which is decidedly so deadly for their livestock. Is it not a tragedy?

6.If we do not eat refined sugar  from where will we get energy? We forget that white refined sugar is of recent origin. Prior to that men worked more hard, worked from sunrise till sunset on jobs which required infinitely more energy than the present day work requires. Since he did not eat refined white sugar from where did he get his energy ? Let us do  the same as he did.


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