Do You Know that White Refined Sugars Is Very Unhealthy ?

Sugars: There are a number of sugars around.  Glucose also known as dextrose. Fructose; Lactose; Sucrose;Maltose; Insulin. Glucose is grape sugar or blood sugar – it occurs in almost all the fruit and vegetables. Lactose is a sugar which occurs in milk, it is digested less readily and hence is not so fattening. It is a food for intestinal bacteria which change into Lactic Acid. Sucrose is the chemical name for the white refined sugar prepared from cane sugar or beet root. Maltose is found in Malt. Insulin is the other sugar which is only partly and slowly digested — it is chiefly found in Onions, garlic, artichoke and sweet potatoes.

Energy from Sugar – Sugar does give you energy so it is also called pure calories. It does not need hours for its digestion like other articles of food. It is digested in minutes hence it gives energy in a very short time.  Besides refined white sugar there are other sources of sugar as well  — sprouts, fruits, whole grains, vegetables, milk, nuts, datescurrants, raisins, figs etc.

We get 7% sugar from strawberries, watermelon, sweet lemon, grape fruit etc, 10 % sugar from peas,turnip berries, muskmelon, oranges, peaches, pineapple, raspberries etc.  15% sugar from apple, apricots, pears etc.20 % from sweet  potatoes, bananas, fresh figs, mangoes, papaya, Naseberry (chikoo)  etc.



REFINED WHITE SUGAR: It is called Sucrose chemically. It is dangerously pure within range 99% to 99.75 % of purity. It has been called White poison since long but lately as White Death. Some people call it as Drug. Due to its increase in consumption it is called white death  or as white poison or the drug. The refined white sugar is pure and simple Sucrose. It is full of calories, but that is all. IT IS WITHOUT  A SINGLE PARTICLE OF MINERAL, VITAMIN, ENZYME OR ANYTHING ELSE THAT MAY MAKE IT WORTH EATING. Along with it, it is worth considering that Nature has given  us sugar in so many other natural products. Is it not a clear indication of the fact that we do not need or need not add any more of of this refined white sugar to our food items or may not prepare various kinds of sweets and other preparations with refined sugar or other sweeteners ?



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