Understanding Stress Solves Problems of Body And Mind.

We all need to be loved so that society’s negative bestowal on humans can be nullified. In our day to day life we see so much of error, discomfort, stress and disharmony. These negative traits  take a heavy toll from all beings. Calling someone out of control or mind means that person is perilous, unable to control himself and a risk to himself and others. The over stressful situation plays heavy on anybody’s internal system of thoughts and way to take things. One’s rhythm and judgment break down. If stressful condition prevail over a long period, it results in breakdown of the body’s adoptive system. Autonomic and endocrine system get used to the alarming situation. A continuous feeling of distress with unending feeling of helplessness, frustration and depression becomes the nature. This phenomenon is said to be a long term sympathetic response, and in technical terms it is start of a mental disease(stress).


At the start of mental stress diseases it has been noticed that postural distortion takes place. Dr. Hanse Seyle ( Noble Prize winner).

Nearly whole of brain’s energy (output)  say 90% is spent in correcting the posture position of the body with respect to the earth’s gravity and remaining 10 % is used for all other brain’s functions.Dr. Roger Sperry ( Another noble prize recipient). Between 50 to 90 % of bed occupancy in hospitals of  the west is occupied by mental disorder patients.

Under stress the we tighten the muscles and the tissues around the bones or body structure. Thus, bones or body structure are pulled out of normal posture or structural alignment. Even the normal breathing is affected when under stress. This may be called dysfunctional breathing. This in turn affects the the maintenance of good error-less physical state of being.

It has been inferred that increased stress in nervous system can weaken the resting tension of muscles condition of the body. The blood circulation is affected in that part of the muscle thus lowering the strength of the muscle. To normalize the situation regular breathing should be practiced under expert so that Stress is overcome.




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