22 Health Benefits of Walking

The human body is made to walk. 

1.  Walking 30 minutes a day cuts a down the rate of people becoming diabetic by 50% and for those over 60 years by 70 %.

2.  The risk of stroke is reduced by more than 25 % for regular walkers.

3.  The body has over 160000 kilo meters of blood vessels and by regularly walking makes these blood vessel more supple and healthier.

4.  Walking makes body less risky for stroke, diabetes and cancer.

5.  Women who walk regularly have lesser risk of breast cancer by 20% and 31 % for getting colon.


6.  Men who walk thirty minutes daily are less prone to having prostate and colon cancer.

7.  Men who walk regularly have 46 % less mortality rate of the prostate cancer.

8.  Threefold gains are made for the regular walkers. Better immunity, faster self healing and all other system function better.

9.  Thirty minutes a day more than sufficient to making a lasting impact on the body.

10. Those walking regularly have been noticed not to have depression and those who start to walk see their depression is reduced.

11. The feel good harmon Endorphins result in better recovery for depressed cases who start to walk regularly.

12.Walking improves and strengthen the bones and heart. The blood circulatory system also improves a lot.

13.Walking helps generate positive neurochemicals,  whereas the dieting can trigger negative neurochemicals.

14. Walking thirty minutes a day has health benefits more than losing  7 -8 kilos weight.

15. A thirty minutes walk a day can reduce blood pressure by five points for over twenty hours.

16.Risk of clots in legs is reduces for the regular walkers.

17.People who walk regularly walk have much lower risk of deep vein thrombosis.

18.Walking improves the health of blood. The HDL of the cholesterol improves thus making the heart to less chance of stroke.

19.Hip fractures chances diminish and the gallstone surgery is 20 to 31 %  less for the regular walkers.

20.The regular walker is less likely to catch cold. The chances to improve faster in case of catching the cold are 46 % higher than non walkers.

21.Two 15 minutes walk daly has the same impact as a one time 30 minutes walk. Three times of 10 minutes walk achieves almost all the goals as 30 minutes walk

22.Walking makes the body feel good. Keeps body healthy and heal faster. The biological, psychological health along with emotional health improve through regular walk.




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